Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pray for Global Warming

60% decline in overall solar output by 2030 is an established reality

Apocalyptic cold. Every word of that secret report to the President was gospel.

The government has been telling the public one thing .. and preparing for something entirely different behind closed doors.

I know why they have seized big shipments of dehydrated food at the docks. They need it to stock their own shelters forward. They are aiming for decades of supply.

Apocalyptic cold. Science fiction disaster movie cold. That cold.

Still lying. Admitting to Maunder Minimum. It's much worse.

If you read our blog, you would have known this fifteen years ago.


dr. bashar al assad said...

Well well well
I feel it's getting serious.

FrankNorman said...

Tex... the sun isn't going to be giving out 60% less energy. It's just the sunspots they're talking about. That alters the solar wind, and causes more cloud formation, so that more light gets reflected back into space.

But the sun will still be shining just as bright. A bit brighter, actually, as sunspots are colder spots.

styrac1 said...

Check this out Tex. You'll laugh your ass off.

Grogard said...

I have come to realize they knew all along, and ice age fears are the real reason for going on about global warming all this time. There's absolutely no air shortage. Hail president scroob!

styrac1 said...