Thursday, July 2, 2015

People With Damaged Amygdalas are Natural Tyrants

They can't help themselves. Incapable of managing their own lives, they will deliriously seize upon any chance to control the lives of others.

Despite being able to walk around, hold a conversation, laugh at something and appreciate sunlight and fresh air, the truth is that people with damaged or stunted amygdalas are insane. I've seen overwhelming evidence to that effect in every single physiological study of the leftist I have ever seen. The leftist like most mentally ill people is outward focused because impulse control over themselves is impossible.

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Edward said...

It's not insanity, it's just femininity, it's one of the key differences between male and female behaviour patterns. Perseverative, and interrupt-driven rather than task focussed.
Both thinking styles have their value, but you need to maintain the right balance, both within the household, within the work environment, and within society at large otherwise nothing of value gets done. Both sides seek to reject those that do not conform to their value system.
Females seek to achieve and maintain perfection, safety and equality. Males seek to demonstrate status and abilities. You can't have both differential status and equality of outcomes, so neither side will ever win. It's been running for millennia, it's not going to stop. The trick is in creating a balanced environment where neither point of view leads to utter destruction, hence religion.