Thursday, July 9, 2015

Neanderthals : Hated For Being The Good Guys

Never forget that. They have admitted to it in print with very little qualification.

We are the personification of the virtues they claim we should all pursue. We are never forgiven for it.

Every single thing they claim to aspire to we represent the attainment of. Their reaction is one of pure scorn and loathing from the time we are old enough to walk.

How did we get like this?

For one million years, Neanderthal women with remarkably high native intelligence and superior judgement found themselves strongly sexually and emotionally attracted to the good boys. Strongly enough it was a primary determinant in mating and procreation at all times.

At the exact opposite of the human spectrum, 180 degrees reversed, the Homo Sapiens females only get aroused by the Dark Triad. That's it. These Holocene monkeys are in it for the short haul - more proof it is impossible to gang-rape your way to a better biological inheritance.

Look in the mirror. That's another thing Homo Sapiens takes credit for that he didn't do. There is no way the sexual selection of Homo Sapiens would have ever produced our kind. They in fact are always working in the exact opposite direction genetically. Weaker, more violent, stupider and more evil, not less. Our remnant could never have arisen with their sexual selection preferences.

Once you think it through, you will see that all our kind really have to do in life is to strive to survive to the end of the Holocene. Once the cold comes back it will be obvious who the planet truly belongs to.

I was out in the city yesterday coming out of a book shop and an older man beside me flinched and cried out as he stepped outside, reaching for his sunglasses. "Wow! It is pretty bright out here today!" he said squinting as he struggled to put on his protection eyewear.

"Yes," I said,"It's awful. We've only had a million years or so for our eyes to adjust to sunlight, obviously so we need protective gear when we go outside into the open air." I leaned my head back and drank in the sweet, warm sunshine, the pupils of my eyes dilating to let more in. "I don't know how we managed to survive on the planet up to this point. I'm scared I could get cancer, I forgot my SPF 5000 sunblock. I really wish the authorities would do something about unregulated sunlight. They already banned tanning machines in Victoria, surely they could come up with some kind of framework to control solar output." The guy behind his sunglasses was staring at me. I could tell his feeble mind was desperately trying to avoid thinking much about anything. His strained expression faded and I knew he had just forgotten everything I had said. Sometimes I envy Sapiens. Such blissful nepenthe around the clock with nary a notion to disturb his oblivious tranquillity.


Ave said...

> I forgot my SPF 5000 sunblock

Just apply a pint...

dr. bashar al assad said...

>We are the personification of the virtues they claim we should all pursue. We are never forgiven for it.

>Every single thing they claim to aspire to we represent the attainment of.

funny "Aryan" comes from the sanskrit "ārya" which originally meant "Noble"

Ave said...

A giant, mysterious hole in the ground, allegedly linked to a giant methane bubble.

Except this hole is quite perfectly cylindric. Perhaps I just can't accept a physical reality, that wouldn't be the first time.

Or this is some kind of space-based weapon.

Sitara said...

Like that thing you were talking about. Way too much like it, this is scary as shit.

theepilgrim said...

Reminds me of this interview with Marco Pierre White,or The Neanderthal Chef as he should be known.

Ja D said...

Complaining about sunlight?

dr. bashar al assad said...

I don't think that "Neanderthal" women are attracted to "good boys". I've seen many exemples

Texas Arcane said...

@ Dr. Bashar Al Assad

Of course not. No better way to assure the survival of your children and extended kin than by selecting an unstable psychotic narcissist for a mate at 300 degrees below zero. It just makes sense.

styrac1 said...

When the SHTF women women always cling to good/responsible guys for protection forgetting the leftist liberation crap that results to sexual adventurism with scum as if their memory was wiped out. It pertains to the entire female species.

Ave said...

I don't know if it's appropriated, but in your Saps theory, Tex, could we say Saps are a "Thin Client" kind of human ?

Texas Arcane said...


Thin client with no hard drive and OS is loaded from televitz.

Bart Williams said...

You know I think I'm definitely strongly neanderthal. I am a modern farmer by trade, and I can grow better than anyone I know but I don't play the social games correctly so I can't seem to get credit for it. It's really blatant. I worked for one company and broke (utterly smashed) their production records but yet I was eventually fired just cause the skinny sapien-like "head" grower (who was horrible at growing but good at sapien bantering) didn't like me (was scared of me physically).