Monday, July 13, 2015

Meat Marionette Rolled Out Against Trump

They must be getting nervous about populist Trump. They rolled out this guy Scott Walker today to great fanfare, they are banging cymbals and marching with bears on Fox News. You'd think the dude had cured cancer the way they go on. He's some non-entity or the other that you've never ever heard of because the decision to boost him only came last week in reaction to polls for Donald Trump. The Koch brothers likely decided this was the best stick puppet they could find in their stable of talking heads.

I was laughing watching the guy talk. He is clearly the phoniest, most insincere person in the race, assuming Ted Cruz wisely gives up and goes back to Canada. Scott's face betrays facetiousness so blatant even his mother is probably ashamed. You can see him trying very poorly to manipulate the crowd with fond platitudes. I've noticed that the candidates are increasingly poorer speakers even when it comes to the usual rhetoric. They lack any grace, rhythm or notion of emphasis nowadays. A short while ago you had to at least be a decent public speaker to run for office. I guess by the time you have lit up the White House with a gay rainbow it just doesn't matter any longer. Competency in anything is a ghost town that anyone can move into and declare themselves Sheriff. This guy will do as well as any other custodial staff before Kwanstainia gets nuked to bedrock.

The most disturbing thing about the Republicans is that they are vouching for his conservative credentials as if anybody really believes the Republicans are conservatives. Like the Democratic party, they are merely an occupational force representing the Knesset to exercise local control over their colony.


Grogard said...

Rockefeller ruthlessly wiped out any real conservatives a long time ago. Cruz is probably the closest around. Mexico actually used to be very strict about patrolling its borders until Obama stepped in and told them to bring them all straight across to the USA. Trump (who employs umpteen million mexicans) is probably just there to drum up support for Jeb Bush and his mexican wife to come in and save the day by ensuring the US is safe from evil nazis who persecute and murder millions of undocumented mexicans and central americans every year by failing to give them as much welfare as they deserve.

Chris from Sydney said...

Trump chose a novel strategy so confusing to the other candidates they can't handle it.
He decided to appeal to the White vote.
By golly who'd have thought you could centre your campaign around appealing to the majority of the population and be so popular ?

styrac1 said...

replace his photo with this:

bicebicebice said...

standardtpage said...

Chris; "Whites Are the Majority That Will Be Minority in the Year xyz" is one of those truths that the MSM peddles around.

There is a guy who worked for Boeing, I think it was, for making ecenomical predictions. Some time in the 80s or 90s he noticed that his formulas didn't give the right picture. So he digged into the US Government data and noticed that the figures given in the press etc. differed from the real raw statistics. Some time passed and he again notices his formulas weren't working. So he took a new look at the source data and figured out how the Gov fudges the data and started a website doing forecasts.

Employment statistics are basic point of BS in every "Western" country. Second issue is the real demographics of the country.

There are some in the USA who say that the statistics and a little reasoning says that Whites are even below one third of population. I think I read this from the FAEM. I haven't been in the USA so I don't have a ground view.

Grogard said...

standardtpage - hard to say exactly. Since people fill out whatever they want and there is no 'middle eastern' or similar category the census is pretty meaningless. It might be half european but it's definitely not even close to half anglo/irish/german which is what people here think of as white. Colonials are probably not even 25% of the country.

And whatever the official immigration rates, they have to be much higher in reality. It's been like a tidal wave the last 5 years, with large sections of the country becoming completely unrecognizable overnight.

I don't really care about race per se but there's simply no way this country has a future with no intact borders. It will be no different than china in not long, it's probably not much better now.