Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Leaders" Unqualified For Leadership

Very poor public speaker. Can't handle opposition. Loses his cool under pressure. Definitely signs of early dementia. Acts like he never even thought of a counter to any of these reasonable questions. Responds with emotion when a better leader could defuse the situation with grace. Seems to be unacquainted with the normal tensions that can prevail when conflicting interests compete with different arguments. I would not even say Bernie Sanders is of average intelligence. He is of below-average intelligence and largely unable to articulate his own political agenda.

Just so you know. These melonheads are not supermen. Maybe they once were, thousands of years ago. Today they are inbred, watered-down, feebleminded simpletons often less intelligent than their Saps domesticated animals and almost universally inferior to their former warrior/sentry caste, the Neanderthals. When you have a fool for a leader it is because you are a fool. Saps should take his inferior shepherds and get the hell off the planet, neither of them belongs here. The next Ice Age should weigh in on this debate.

EDIT : One of the sweeping generalisations I have gathered from reading history is that there has never been a slave caste in recorded experience who has not fared much better than their masters in retaining intelligence, acumen, physical strength, agility, innovativeness and the instincts. The Greeks were doing fairly well when the Roman Empire fell (whatever happened to those people, they were replaced by immigrants into Greece today) and the Slavs retained much in the way of quality genes when they escaped their bondage. There are countless other examples. To use slave labor causes great degeneracy in the ruling class almost without exception. After 38,000+ years as a slave caste I reckon this is why the Neanderthals seemed to have emerged sharper than all the other races, some of them certainly smarter and more insightful originally than they are now. The Neanderthals have had to survive as journeymen and skilled labor this entire time, relying completely on their wits when others had circumstance of birth and inherited privileges. Always the outsider, the 'Thals have had to present something they offer that others cannot do and it has kept them keen.


theepilgrim said...

As you predicted, babies, the other white meat--Planned Parenthood selling baby parts to make a little money on the side.

I would advise any sane people still living in Kwanstainia to flee as quickly as possible, and don't look back lest you be turned into a pillar of salt.

Ryan David G said...

Unrelated to this article, Tex, but have you seen this gem on 'global warming'?

Apparently climate change impacts on the jet stream, which somehow results in Eastbound flight times increasing by 10 mins but Westbound times increase by 11 mins! And: "Longer flight times mean increased fuel consumption by airliners. The consequent additional input of CO2 into the atmosphere can feed back and amplify emerging changes in atmospheric circulation."

You really couldn't make this stuff up.

Ryan David G said...

Sorry, that should read "Eastbound flight times DECREASING by 10 mins but Westbound times increase by 11 mins".

bicebicebice said...

When the grand hump troll himself keeps getting vindicated time and time again, you know... yeah. Rivers of salt.

Maybe the melonheads lost their mojo, but i would keep an extra close eye on the starchilds, they will never go down without a fight, that piece koanic wrote on their hive-mindesque approach to life:
" But the ur-SC’s don’t want to hurt you. They want to rewrite you.

That’s what I fear – the Void, the Hivemind; annihilation without death or end. "

Scary stuff.

Grogard said...

"Acts like he never even thought of a counter to any of these reasonable questions."

That's why they crack down so hard on freedom of speech and make up special language to hide their true meanings. There's simply no logical way to support the crazy.

bicebicebice said... "Rodeo Clown" SPOTTED! Will the Trump be Triumphant?

Daniel said...

Emotions and dementia? So...this guy is going to win then.

Dan Crab said...

I cannot believe how many times I tried to tell people that the people of ancient civilisations are not the same ones that dwell there today. It gets mind-numbing when talking to various modern 'greeks', turks, arabs, and amerindians and telling them that they are not at all related to the people who created civilisation in the first place. If I had a nickel for every time an indian claimed to be responsible for all of civilisation by inventing the number zero, then I would be wealthy as the average member of the NWO.
It is so funny to think that a guy like Kasidiaris supports Greek nationalism yet looks no different from a mulatto from Tunisia. Just compare his nasty mug to an actual greek statue from 2000 years ago.

bicebicebice said...

Takuzdwa Aywok said...

Most of greeks of today are descendants of illiterate albanians. They have got absolutely nothing to do with the ancient greeks.
The ancient greeks looked very, very nordic.
And then, from their quotes we can find that they sometimes held some values that people which we could call Neanderthals often hold.

standardtpage said...

"It is so funny to think that a guy like Kasidiaris supports Greek nationalism yet looks no different from a mulatto from Tunisia. Just compare his nasty mug to an actual greek statue from 2000 years ago."

The central theme of this site is surviving genetic clusters.

If he is mixed-race, then could he not feel to be drawn to any one of the components?

It's not hard to find people who look like 100 % whites, but are drawn to mulatism.

Dan Crab said...

I assume "mulatism" is just another word for multi-kult.

standardtpage said...

With mulatism I mean the behaviour of people who seem to have somekind of inner urge to either themselves become mulattoes or for their offsprings.

The hit music that's been played in the radio in my parts of the wood is nowadays nothing but the latest mulattoe from the USA, or local emulators trying to sound like 13 years old ghetto-dwellers. Really; we have grown men literally emulating american high pitched afroteens, their mannerism, wardrobe and the whole US afrosound. You know this annoying DavidGuetta-influenced-dub-shit-sampling that they are now producing. It sounds a little like old video games music on a loop.

The whole (commercial) culture is one big mulattoe fest.