Friday, July 24, 2015

Kwanstainia Would Fare Well In WW3

Against Paraguay or Greece. Maybe Maine. The rest of the planet, not so much.

They'd need to get weapons that don't shake apart like cheap toys from China.


Eric Green said...

I wonder also how the Americans will respond when they learn that their "advanced" weapons are just as hackable as their government employee databases and internal networks. Beijing won't play that card until they need it, of course.

bicebicebice said...

Kona Commuter said...

@ Eric Green -> you’d be aware of that hacker cracking into a cars computer and applying it’s brakes causing it to crash no doubt?

Eric Green said...

@ Kona Commuter

I saw that, yeah. The thing is if the Chinese want to hijack US military technologies, in many cases they won't even need to bother with traditional espionage or hacks like buffer overflows and such. They already know all the backdoors and cheat codes because they built them in:

When your new guided missile cruiser is stuffed with Chinese integrated circuits and software, what odds would you give your boat against the Chinese Navy? When you hand over all your critical infrastructure like manufacturing and engineering to your rivals, you're giving away your viability as a civilization.

Texas Arcane said...


I agree 100%. I have written about it before.

The idea of waging war with weapons that depend on critical parts from your potential enemy is absolutely ridiculous. This is what happens when people are trained to see life through the lense of globalism and cosmopolitanism. It is an ideology that attacks the natural defense mechanism of nations. It is acquired immunity deficiency intellectual disease that weakens the intellect so you make crazy decisions like these without even thinking about the consequences.

standardtpage said...

They seem to have some kind of latex paint protecting them, so they are for spare parts and to refurbish the frame.

If one looks at the photos of US aircraft boneyards, then there are hundreds and hundreds of decommisioned models not in use anymore, which therefore do not need any spare parts. Surely they are not thinking of ever refurbishing them, training the pilots and flying them in combat? Then why are they still there?

Isn't one argument for the large aircraft boneyards that it's too expensive to dismantle them? Have you seen videos of indian ship wrecking businness? Doesn't seem very high paying job. How about shipping them to the USA to do the job, or use mexicans already in the country?

So what is the point of storing that amount of aluminium and wasting also huge tracts of land?

Maybe the whole program is just a remnant from the times bygone...