Saturday, July 11, 2015

Jade Helm Goes Live Next Week

Jade Helm is almost exactly the same way Cromwell seized England. The Founding Fathers would have recognised the strategy instantly.

There's lot of fun stuff happening this week.

I feel a song coming on.

P.S. Do you want to know why leftists really hate "The Song of the South?" It shows an idyllic utopia where there is no racism and white children treat the black guy who lives next door like extended family. In a world like this, they might have to find honest work.


Ave said...

The thing is, reading the definition of the exercise, it is mainly going to be about local response.

Media has always been a part of warfare, but in the age of « ubiquitous internet » (smartphones, workplace etc.) new tactics have to be developped.

Local events will take place that will elicit local response, and this is what the army (or whoever) wants to monitor : who is using what communication device, what is he saying etc.

There will be physical events (IRL, so to say), and I guess it will be in the line of the TV series « Jericho » (especially the second season).

But there will also be « meta » events, strange stuff like some of the items posted on the link in the main article. Or that new article at Sorcha Faal about Aliens & Jade Helm. This would be very interesting, pop-corn wise. There would be both physical events, that nobody understands immediately, and then also rumours and disinformation.

Remember the 9/11 period, with all this strange stuff happening with Anthrax for instance.

The way Jade Helm is being introduced is actually part of that exercise.

If you want a precedent, then think about Orson Wells' « War of the World » broadcast two years prior to WW2. Some very interesting stuff happened around that event, namely who organised it, search it out for yourself. This was all about monitoring the population's reaction.

And no this is not conspiracy theory, marketing experts are doing this ROUTINELY, for instance by selecting cities (or countries) to test a new product.

BTW, of course all we do on the the internet is monitored, including this very post here, but that is nothing new. Just as a reminder, and no I'm not stupid, since everything I'm writing is purely academic.

bicebicebice said...

Grogard said...

US Military will never go along with communist type takeover, not until it's been fully diversified anyway. There is a big push to do this however, but I think it's mainly to prevent a feared right wing coup as american soldiers see their country given the final death blow, not to create one.