Thursday, July 30, 2015

Internet Did A Hit On Monsanto

Those wild conspiracy nuts and their crazy notions for the past twenty years.

Except it turned out they were right about everything.


standardtpage said...

I think it was Monsanto product that I saw in a shop. It was a gel stick, which you swipe on the "weed" and it dies.

Does not sound something I want to use near my edible plants. Without testing I can claim it does not respect human created categories, and is just no good.

How the *** more people cannot look at something like that and just say "I does not sound good, maybe I'll keep away from it."??

Luke said...

Tex do you have any advice for young programmers trying to go more of the independent contractor route like yourself? Any books or authors? I'm realizing more and more that I will get more for my value as a contractor, but don't have too much experience on the business end of things and I'm a little unsure where to begin. Reading business books at the moment. You have made many valuable observations about the tech workplace in the past, is there anything you wish you knew at this point in your career?

styrac1 said...

Grogard said...

Another chemical that is 'found out' to be massively toxic after it goes off patent, what a shock. It's almost like they knew it was toxic all along.

They did the same thing with many endocrine disruptors that were banned. They simply altered the formulas and repatented at the same time that the old 'product' was banned - right after going off patent.

Since they can just put whatever they want into containers and chemicals until it's absolutely proven they are dangerous, the real environmental situation of the future is amazingly hopeless. Yet mention any real environmental concerns and you are a conspiracy theorist.

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Takuzdwa Aywok said...

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bicebicebice said...

Texas Arcane said...


Be authentically good at it. This comes with real curiosity and enthusiasm.

There's no substitute for being so well-informed it doesn't matter to the guy who needs the work if you are wearing the right kind of shoes or shirt.

Most importantly be authentically curious about what you do for a living, it will drive your acquisition of new skills.

Again and again in interviews I go up against people who are better presented, better spoken, nicer layouts of their resumes, more charming, far more credentials ... and routinely get the job over them because people can see I am the real thing.

Always be poring over new technical manuals on the train, on the toilet and when you are just sitting around. The more you absorb, the more likely your interviewer will realize you are the real thing and they don't see many of those nowadays.

I have to credit Vault-OS for a lot of my range. Studying so many obsolete technologies has given me a really good grounding in modern tech that is built on it.

Ja D said...


FrankNorman said...

To that "Boycott American Woman" poster:

1) America is not the entire world. There are sweet, feminine and obedient women loyally bearing children for their husbands in many countries. To the extent that any society embraces "feminism", it embraces demographic decline. Which means that patriarchal peoples will in the long run win by numbers.

2) If the whole point of a sexual relationship to you is just personal gratification, then maybe it's better (for the rest of us) that you don't beget children. Some of us regard a spouse as much more than something to have sex with. So go bang your robots, and leave the world to your betters.

3) Destroying Western society was the entire long-term goal of things like feminism.

4) Things will probably change soon. The current trend of American society is unsustainable

5) Most importantly - do you forget that there is a God? Most of the options you offer would be regarded by most serious men as seriously outside of His will.

Grogard said...

@Luke - Programmer is an awful job in many ways. You will get zero respect from anyone and take a load of crap from secretaries and communications majors who can't form a complete sentence. Thanks to the giant flood of foreign programmers the low levels are hard to break into, and the high levels have always been barred by having the right credentials and connections and a lot of 'luck' or better put weasling ability. There's probably no job where such smart people who get treated like such crap in the entire world. Average doctor's IQ is only 105 while IT jobs as a whole score higher than that - and obviously if they separate out people who do C++ or even Java from that the average would skyrocket.

Even so it can be rewarding if you get to do interesting stuff, but it is definitely not the path of least resistance and as our borders ravel apart even further it will be less and less appealing.

The contract aspect makes things even worse. People are unrealistic in time schedules, annoying to deal with, don't have firm designs, want you to do the estimates or even design itself for free (I've spent endless time with people trying to get free design and 'architecture' work), take forever to pay or simply won't pay you at all without legal action (which won't work if they go bankrupt).

Texas Arcane said...


I agree with everything you said.

I think the IT industry is the only place left in the world where a bright person can make what they are worth in contracting. The rest of the economy is much worse.

The biggest problem is the 90% of people working in IT here in Australia who :

1. Are not actually IT people and know it
2. Have no interest or enthusiasm and know it (Only love football)
3. Have no animal capacity or aptitude and know it
4. Just in it for the money
5. Hate the real thing because by their very existence they look bad in contrast

These people are the reason Australia scored second last to Botswana out of all the developed nations in overall levels of productivity, simultaneously ranked the longest working hours of any 1st world country. Contractors stay busy because of this very phenomenon.