Thursday, July 30, 2015

Internet Did A Hit On Dragon Lady

The czar femme fatale was practically counting the days. Thought she had a lock on the Oval Office.

You just think about those marines fighting in Benghazi at night to defend the embassy and screaming for backup over the radio. Then you think of her sitting there listening to the traffic and giggling about how unimportant it all is and can we just get on with it and move on. After it was over, these idiots realized how bad it all looked so they tried to dummy up a fake provocation video and claim the embassy was attacked over it ... it wasn't even on YouTube before the attack.

Everything about her radiates the very extremes of failure in all regards. Every inch of her body is saturated with lose and decline. She is a sponge for negative energy and a sinkhole for light itself. Should be classed as human anti-matter.

Vince Foster is laughing and waiting in hell for her to join him. She was always her own worst enemy as well as everybody elses. I have noticed a distinct senility in her nowadays that is a clear presage of dementia onset so she has that to look forward to.

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deadman said...

From the Twitter feed of - Mike Cernovich / ‏@Cernovich :

"Women voted for Obama because it gave them orgasms. This was well documented. Voters are attracted to sex and power."

"Hilary is an ugly shrew. Jeb is a cuck. Trump is an asshole, but as the betas says, "Why do the assholes get all the girls?!""

"Men want to be him (or have his lifestyle).
Women want to be with him.
Fucking 'A.
Get in touch with your instincts.

- deadman