Friday, July 10, 2015

I Think You Need To See A Doctor About That

They can help you with the power of edjamafacashun and scienmagistics.

Bad medicine.

The most important thing to take note of is the lack of peer review, acceptance of one opinion and a failure of everybody in the supply chain to do anything but participate in milking healthy people into an early grave.

Speaking from personal experience, I have to say I think doctors in general are dangerous psychotic cranks with double digit IQs. Like all priesthoods.


Tim said...

The patient becomes almost like an ATM machine, with the doctor extracting as much revenue as they can.”

The Observer said...

OT, but related to the below post:

Tex, I gotta ask: so what do you think is the endgame here? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm getting the impression that your solution is "let the cold come and sort everything out". Active versus passive action aside, how is that different from the guy who wanted to kill all the saps.

So the big freeze comes, the glaciers move, so on and so forth. I don't think that'll completely wipe out the saps, as there'll still be warm spots remaining near the equator. What's going to stop them from spreading back once more when the cold lifts? It might take millions of years, but still the point stands - once it gets warmer, they'll be back.

And what about the melonheads? The cold isn't going to take them anywhere, since they know the value of vaults, too, and presumably will take some of their saps slaves in with them. Do you think some kind of peace can be reached? Could they be held to such a peace, or do you think their natural ambition would lead them to renege upon it at the earliest convenience?

Then what of the hybrids, the people whom Koanic calls MTs and TMs? What of them?

I guess I've just got to ask, because the vibe I'm getting from you is "let the cold come, and after that everything will be just peachy and fall into place." Koanic wrote about how some sort of tenuous peace might be reached, but what of you?

bicebicebice said...

Looks like a Starchild, those guys should come with a warning label, i wonder how many people deep down felt their spider sense tingling, but went along with it anyway. Edenism could save lives!

In medicine, i only trust surgeons and fringe nuts!

Texas Arcane said...


I'm not selling anything. I'm not advocating for a political movement or anything like that.

My instinct as a software developer is to start with the little things you think you can actually fix and see if this tells you any more about the problem.

My first goal after I finish my game is to try to lower the suicide rate for people in my demographic. I'm going to work on that problem for a long time. I believe I can change that if I try just by speaking to my own kind. After that, I don't have any other long range plans other than encouragement.