Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Helium-3 Leaking From Fault in California!

This is a big warning sign of an impending quake!

Helium-3 is a very rare gas that is commonly bound up in silt on the moon but only found deep under the Earth's mantle. If you've detected that gas coming from a fault it means your fissure is tapping the molten layer down there! The only thing keeping it from coming up is prayers and God's grace at that stage. The pressure is lower the higher you get so that's an optimum location for a really big release or subduction to occur. We mean biblical level quake, West Coast into the ocean, that sort of tremor.

… but there is bound to be some bad news in this discovery as well.


Grogard said...

Well, it makes sense. The earth is (temporarily or not) cooling like crazy for the last decade. That has to be why there are earthquakes in strange places, that makes the crust contract.

Ryan David G said...

I saw that documentary called San Andreas recently (the one with the new Brando, Dwayne Johnson) and it seems the US will just rebuild afterwards so there's not much to worry about really.

Unknown said...

Mr T

Know you're loaded with reading, but take a look at this model for planetary dynamics ... the authors' models predict the formation of He3 ...

large internal energy source = large external solar source = real motors of climate