Wednesday, June 24, 2015

You Don't Say - "Maunder Minimum"

Britain in 20 years according to the original leaked Pentagon Report.
The day is going to come when they will beg for a Maunder Minimum. 

I have a strong suspicion from years of reading on the subject that this is the first 120 year wave at the start of a Grand Minimum. Robert Felix agrees.

Would you believe the analysis that these guys now concede is a certainty when we had the same up on Vault-Co over 12 years ago? We have moved on to better arguments since then. These poor lads in the mass media are just dabbling their toes at the edge of the ocean.

P.S. If the Nobel committee doesn't give Robert Felix and Jim Penman Nobel prizes during my lifetime I figure the whole institution is worthless and should be shut down. It no longer serves any purpose other than political agendas.


Black Poison Soul said...

The interesting thing is that we are technically in the beginning period of an ice age. Only 2.88 million years in, where the average ice-age lasted for 100 million years.

We are simply in a temporary "warm period", rather than a period where ice sheets cover the world.

Ryan David G said...

I got bored with the whole global warming debate a few years ago but thinking about it now, it would be fun to go back to that laughable Al Gore film where he predicts the end of sea ice in 10 years or whatever he said.... and see how wrong he was about everything.

Groggard said...

It can't come too soon. Society is ill beyond belief and this is little more than a mercy.