Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Donald Trump is an insider with direct access to conclusions we drew by inference. He might not have figured it out by himself but he has heard it behind closed doors.

Trump confirmed publicly that every single wild assertion we've made on Vault-Co is correct.

The U.S. "nuclear force" is a joke. Half these weapons would never make it off the launchpad.

Those missile defense systems the United States is murmuring about all the time were great technology... back in the late 80's.

The "Star Wars" system that Ronald Reagan hypothesized never came to fruition ... except in Russia.

This is the third World War approaching ... not the second. This one will target civilians, not militaries. More people will die in the first twenty minutes of WW3 than previously died in all wars combined over the past 2000 years.

I will get Vault-OS up in open source this year if it is the last thing I do. I promise. It will help a lot, you'll see. Inventory is going to be the main use for 75% of the people who download it, you'll see it will be an incredibly streamlined system for small shelters and families. I was hooking in the product lookup database last night such that a scan by a CueCat will hopefully automatically identify the product and prepopulate the entry form without touching a button. I am calling this scrolling inventory check-in screen the "Bulk Buster" intended to be used very rapidly on incoming food right from the grocery bag. I do have the CueCat working from a browser, it is a brilliant device no joke. I got the one I am using now for $12 off EBay and it outperforms barcode readers that cost hundreds of dollars.


The Observer said...

While Disneyland holds "gay day", Putin opens his own theme park:

"Alexander Zaldostanov, better known as the Surgeon, leader of the pro-Putin biker group the Night Wolves, who was touring Patriot Park on its first day, said: “When I look at all this stuff it makes me feel proud of Russia and realise that we have something to answer the Americans with. They wouldn’t dare to press the button."

“I think this park is a gift to Russian citizens, who can now behold the full power of the Russian armed forces. Being here gives you a sense of internal self-sufficiency and makes you confident we can defend our territory,” said Sergei Privalov, a Russian Orthodox priest who attended the opening ceremony. “Children should come here, play with the weaponry and climb on the tanks and see all the most modern technology, which they would not have known about before.”

The West is so cooked.

cbenediccengi said...

Ave said...

Blogger Texas Arcane said...

I basically looted the daemons from PVBrowser, which is automatic support for about 30+ major protocols including Modbus, etc.

If I have a modbus, I2C, LPT and RS-485 daemon working, will put this up as V1 on Github.

June 1, 2015 at 12:01 AM

Almost there ! ;)

Ron said...

Could VaultOS be used to run a house under normal civilian circumstances?

Texas Arcane said...


Yes. If I am able to get my architecture going (worked on it tonight) it could do anything home automation software does and a lot, lot more on top of it.

Vombat said...

Tex, Have you come across Universal Data Models books by Len Silverston

The could save considerable time in data architecture development, implementation and later extensibility.

cbenediccengi said...

Considering your general lack of trust in doctors, I think you'll find this naturopathic doctor up your alley. Libertarian, Christian, Naturopath, martial artist. Listen to the first half of the Dec 20, 2014 podcast, sounds scripted from your blog, haha. Cheers.

scipio afircanus said...

IMO the Russian people should make Putin the Czar and be done with modernity. Send their gays, Pussy Riot, and other deviants to the U.S where they would get a New York city fabulous ticker tape parade with lots of lavender decorations.

I hope Putin can get the Russians to start having more children. An even more badassed Russia wold give the rest of Europe a wake up call.

styrac1 said...

Senior Putin aide warns over Russia-US relations

Full transcript

styrac1 said...

Soros elaborates further his WW III statement. U.S.- China partnership or it's WW III