Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Windows NT Embedded Book

I have been eagerly waiting on this book to arrive. Got it tonight.

Okay, imagine Windows NT. Except imagine it like this:

1. Rock solid. Never crashes. Can be set up to write nothing to hard disk except where directed.
2. Minimal installation in 8 megabytes where needed.
3. Fully compliant HTML5 browser with CrazyBrowser installed, can be set to launch VOS Server and browser at startup. VOS can run as a service in the background.
4. Full access to Parallel, Serial and USB devices with cross-platform code.
5. Supports PDF readers and other media viewers that may come in handy for Memex in VOS.
6. All convenient Windows API available including true pre-emptive threading.
7. Fully patched and debugged after two decades of testing in the field.
8. Support for USB, Fat-32 and other peripherals including cheap plug'n'play cameras.
9. Full support for dumb terminals, monochrome display on Hercules cards and ASCII serial keyboards.

Some reports of NT Embedded running for six years uninterrupted in kiosks and public ATMs when configured correctly.

First version of VOS is coming out this year, guaranteed. I am starting to think Microsoft's abandonware is the OS for the Vault of the Future. Honestly.


Jake said...

Your idea makes sense. I have read that one of the main developers of the VAX/VMS operating system helped to develop Windows NT, using many of the same principles.

Ave said...

Blogger Texas Arcane said...

I basically looted the daemons from PVBrowser, which is automatic support for about 30+ major protocols including Modbus, etc.

If I have a modbus, I2C, LPT and RS-485 daemon working, will put this up as V1 on Github.

June 1, 2015 at 12:01 AM

styrac1 said...

Early modern human with closest Neanderthal ancestry found.

Russell (106) said...

Tex, have you seen this:

I don't know if you have something like this in the plans, maybe something like this could be an addon?

Texas Arcane said...


That is the Memex. You will be able to auto-scan and cross-reference whole directories with a single button click and import these reference sheets for full-text searches and other matching.

Russell (106) said...

Will the Memex be part of the core system?

OCR scanning into sqlite?

Texas Arcane said...


Memex out of the box. Writing the file browser in Lua and HTML right now. The operator browses in a web page to the directory he wants to set up as an archive, pushes a button and a database in that directory is created to hold all the archive info.

Russell (106) said...

It's not like I wasn't interested before, but now my interest is thoroughly piqued.