Saturday, June 20, 2015

When Winnarz Win : A Kwanstainian Adventure

Chickens prepare to return home to roost.

The wild whacky dreamworld of globalism and fiat paper currency was sold through Hollywood and the mass media first to the American people and then to the whole planet which believed the lie because the United States was formerly the freest and most successful country in the history of mankind. People everywhere figured they must know what they are talking about.

The manufacturers of these lies knew they were trading on America's wealth and reputation to spread gibberish that not a single one of the Founding Fathers was ever dumb enough to believe a single tenet of. Without this credibility by association they would have never spread this toxic drivel worldwide.

Engineering total madness in the population. It leaves them completely unfit for any kind of productive work at all.

Success engineers the conditions for its own destruction. Manboons are not a learning animal and all this has happened before. This vicious cycle can never end because Sapiens will never change.

Soros gloats in this article which is essentially extended innuendo for other members of the NWO about how chaotic the entire planet has become. Robert Kaplan was right. Soros knows perfectly well there is not going to be a "partnership" between America and China. The Chinese know there is no room for two tigers on the mountain.

If you're paying attention, you will see that authorities are always encouraging evacuation and migration, the surest ways to end up dying tired. I can't think of a dumber strategy than hitting the open road during a nuclear war but Americans believe all problems can be solved using their cars. The first 100 rads leave you pleasantly nauseous and giddy but when the next 300 rads soak in you'll start to understand what is wrong with this idea.

The wise always packeth thine rice. Get a vault or work on getting one. There are no other options.


Ave said...

An idea that has struck me some days ago is the difference between use value and promise.

What one needs for survival is something you can use.

If you can't survive by your own, you need others to do the work for you. And they would do it for a promise, for instance symbolic objects that will continue to be exchanged in the future for the same rate, although they don't have any intristic value. In the end, it is money (i.e. little scraps of green paper).

I noticed that "Thal" people generally hold less value for money than for objects with use value. They would gladly exchange money for devices or tools.

It's not that they are bad with money (they may be, though) it is just that they won't compromise themselves for it.

This is why you seldom find Thals as managers, because they're not willing to sell their soul in exchange of money (i.e. for a con scheme made by somebody else).

This is also why "Melonheads" are extremely afraid of those who prefer use value than symbols, and this explains the drive for total control. If you can't create value by yourself you're bound to obey the "Melonhead" in order to get your food. The Warsaw Gehtto, or Company Towns, used to be run like that.

styrac1 said...

Sam said...

They say ‘Microaggressions’ are a problem. I say let them stop their Macroaggressions first. Blacks need to stop theft, rape, assault and murder. The Jews need to stop child rape, bank crime, drug dealing, assassinations, political manipulation, press manipulation, war mongering, lying, murder and promoting dysfunction generally. Let them stop their Macroaggressions then we'll stop our Microaggressions.

Edward said...

I don't think it's the jews fault exactly, I don't think they mean to disrupt their host cultures so much. It's a bit like matter/anti-matter, two cultures that work fine in isolation, but when combined they are mutually incompatible.

Perhaps it's Gods answer to the centralisation of power, whenever a civilisation gets a bit too big for it's boots, you have this group turn up, worm their way into the system, and by whispering words, spinning culture, telling little white lies, offering the forbidden fruit, tear the place apart within a century or so, all the while thinking they are themselves blameless, perhaps even the persecuted ones.

We keep looking for conspiracies where perhaps none exist, it's just a civilisations lifecycle, it lasts for a couple of thousand years, and now it's near the end, at least for our culture.

Texas Arcane said...


Opportunists without scruples - and declining civilizations provide them, like dead wood is an invitation to termites.

Now that I am older, I see all the interrelated strands a lot better.

Neanderthals solve all the problems needed for a complex civilization to exist - and then melonheads move in and occupy the institutions, leaving the crumbs for all their slave hordes. The 'Thal is shut out.

By the time the society has run its course, nobody is listening to Neanderthals and they are the ones with all the solutions.

The hilarious thing is that 'Thals lack a desire to rule and lose interest in solving the problems when they see the lack of reward that exists for doing so. The good men retreat to tend their private gardens and nobody is left to put up their hand and say all this has gone far enough.

Near the end, totalitarianism and dictators appear because the society is desperate. These forms of governance only make all the problems much worse and still don't really solve them. Mussolini made the trains run on time but everything else fell into disrepair.

Edward said...

Well, I'm still trying to solve the core problems, in the hopes that someone somewhere out there is actually listening.

The function of society/culture should be to ensure that each individual, no matter how they are born, ends up being given a socially useful role that is emotionally rewarding to them and allows for free expression of their particular talents and temperament, right?

So we need to are able to work out what each person is eventually going to be good at, and then give them a sufficient education and a few nudges in the right direction, perhaps while making them think they are choosing that path of their own free will.

I'm not of the opinion that some people just don't deserve to survive, but nor am I going to say that everyone is 'equal' or potentially as capable of learning or doing anything as well as anyone else.
Ideally they should find their way into environments that will nurture their talents and not punish them unduly for behaviours outside of the supposed social 'norm'. If you can make the people basically happy and not bitter and angry, and you will get a more productive overall economy.

So erm, here is the famous 'spectrum', autism / gender, take your pick.
From neurotypical man to suicidal MTF tranny
And from neurotypical woman to FTM trans man

You can hopefully see just at a glance how that relates to this, can't you?

Facial features provide clue to autism severity
Facial phenotypes in subgroups of prepubertal boys with autism spectrum disorders are correlated with clinical phenotypes

It looks to me pretty much like facial characteristics = neurological characteristics => childhood temperament / behavioural profile => eventual adult personality / sexual behaviour.

Determine the biological factors that dictate the eventual facial characteristics and you can maybe have the current autism problem mostly solved. Are we so sure it's got to be something genetic? Just what is it that's supposed to make men end up looking one way and women end up looking the other way, and why is it that it's not working out so well for us any more?

Don't blame these people, they are basically destined from birth to end up acting at completely opposite ends of the behavioural spectrum from each other, regardless of any parental or cultural coercion to try to drive them into more traditional roles.
There are an awful lot of them around and we can't fundamentally 'fix' their brains once they are born. As adults they may well act like opportunists without scruples, as children they are just trying to find someone to love and accept them as they are.

Understand and fix things like that, and you may be well on your way to fixing the other higher level societal problems. Issues like guns vs. no guns, cannot solve this, those are merely surface level emergent phenomena of an underlying biological pathology.

It is down to good old fashioned human greed, thinking we can have everything we want in the here and now, without there being consequences for the next generation. The problem is now literally staring us in the face, the trouble is, at this late stage in the game, it seems like there's not much can be done to change it.

Ave said...

>>The function of society/culture should be to ensure that each individual, no matter how they are born, ends up being given a socially useful role that is emotionally rewarding to them and allows for free expression of their particular talents and temperament, right?

Actually, no.

The role of a society is to survive. It can sacrifice most of its members, of their well-being, in order to survive.

It will ahev to compete against other societies and must prevent internal disorder.

We are in a technological society that rewards the bright because it needs to. In other cultures, such as Gypies, the bright is quite low on the social ladder.

Kona Commuter said...

@ Texas

"The hilarious thing is that 'Thals lack a desire to rule and lose interest in solving the problems when they see the lack of reward that exists for doing so”

A while ago at work I made a few suggestions to fix up a running joke (my interest was that I’m an unwilling participant). My boss knocked them on the head saying they weren’t feasible. A few weeks later I see an email my supervisor printed out where my boss said “This is a fiasco, meeting next Thursday to sort it out. Here’s some idea’s I’ve been throwing about”. Yup, all my unfeasible idea’s were there.

Recently I pointed out some serious waste going on. About 150% of my wage worth. It got rectified. I got knocked back on a token pay rise. So when I see similar waste being carried out worth 80% of my wage I just laugh to myself.

Out of interest how can one tell if one is descended from Neanderthal or a Melonhead? I personally loathe being in charge although I will do so if the situation dictates it

HalibetLector said...

Out of interest how can one tell if one is descended from Neanderthal or a Melonhead?

Take a look here:

Koanic has done extensive research into facial and skeletal structures of Neanderthal and Melonhead descendants.