Sunday, June 14, 2015

What My Next Shelter Is Going To Look Like

This is pretty incredible. Really amazing interior.

If you can afford it.


Ron said...

But what would be the point in going into that shelter? None of those people have survival skills. Most will be too old and soft to survive an after event. And what will their money be worth after a civilizational collapse? The entire financial system is based on electronic fiat. That is signals stored in computers. The first thing to go will be the computers and the banking system.

I don't get it.

If I was designing a shelter for wealthy people, the only wealthy people I would allow in are those who could build and maintain their own shelter. In other words, that would be the one criteria for anyone to enter the shelter. Otherwise, there would be no point.

Ave said...

Ron, those who build those shelters are the very same who were responsible of the whole mess in the first place. This is why it makes no sense.