Monday, June 1, 2015

Vault-Co Nailed It Before Anyone

Started up with this stuff in 2002 almost 14 years ago.

Sounded so crazy back then. So nuts. I wrote about it anyway, just recording my gut instincts on where the technology was going. I got email from people saying they didn't visit the site any longer because they realised I was just a run-of-the-mill madman obsessed with the apocalyptic Terminator movies. They weren't really reading what I wrote.

Imagine what a single madman could do with armies of these robots. Rule the world with a joystick.

They will always announce a series of strict regulations making certain that doesn't happen. It will happen a week later and they will blame human error. That's the problem. Humans make mistakes. Machines don't. Once set in motion, they do the same thing until shut down.

How did I know they would aim for autonomy? The fact is that humans are extraordinarily lazy. After a while, sitting there controlling one of these robots becomes tedious. Such a natural progression to cut 'em loose. It's so easy for the robots to spot viable targets. Giving off body heat in the wrong quadrant. What happens when every quadrant on the planet is marked as the "wrong" quadrant?


Eric Green said...

(OT) Dinosaurs were warm-blooded?

Russell (106) said...

The double edged sword in this is these things will be hackable. How easy, and how fast, I don't know, but after seeing programming from most government jobs, I'm betting you'll be able to drive a Abrams tank through the security holes.

Second is supply lines. These things will work as long as they get power from some source at regular intervals. Solar ain't going to cut it for current tech level batteries.

Disrupt the power source at any place along the chain and these things will shut down.

That's not to say these won't cause suffering and death among humanity, they're tools to be used by the manboons so of course they will. But they won't be the unstoppable steel boot of the Terminator series.

Until they figure out how to generate their own power and achieve sufficient AI.

I'm not saying "Rule the world with a joystick" is out, just that there are significant hurdles to overcome before that happens, and I don't think most of the empires will last long enough to overcome the hurdles to rule the world with the robots.

But they will be terrors domestically.

Imagine the IRS with them. Not scared enough?

Imagine the school board with them.

Ave said...

>>The fact is that humans are extraordinarily lazy. After a while, sitting there controlling one of these robots becomes tedious.

That's not the real reason. The real reason is that as of now, no military officer, even those with a corporate prostitue mentality, is going to accept a certain number of orders. Either because they're really insane (Ukraine recently) or because they feel their own society threatened.

Autonomous killer robots have no qualms killing babies or soldiers from our own nation. In the end this is what the Kill Off is really about.

Sam said...

I hope you realize with all your talk of Kwanistans and Amerikans and etc. that Australia is not far enough away to run from these things. Whatever happens to the Kwanicans will eventually come your way.

The Jews are getting to the point where they threaten the extinction of all humanity instead of disrupting a few countries. I wonder if all the other countries on the planet will let them carry on as they have.

Even if they will they will fail. Why? Because they are a tribe of psychopaths. As soon as they knock off everyone else they will start in on each other. There will be no one left.

There whole stick is to be hyper aggressive towards everyone and act in concentrated groups. Very similar to guerrilla warfare where a smaller group concentrates on one part of an army with a large force. What if people decide not to back down and pursue Jewish behavior towards the Jews?

Grognard said...

The sleeper must awaken.

Grognard said...

scipio afircanus said...

it is never too soon to start making your own personal emp generating device

Sam said...

Grognard links to Dune. I'm not sure how I ran across the book Dune. I read all the three first books in 3 or 4 days. So good. I'm not sure if it's possible to make a good movie of Dune. Too many little ideas that blend together.

I also loved all the known space series by Niven and Pournelle. Ring World, the Kzin series. A great set of short stories is the "War World" series. Pornelle edited a great deal of good stuff. The "There will be War" series particularly good.

lysander said...

I remember the articles you wrote years ago about these Terminators. When DARPA came out with that monstrous "dog" robot that looked like something out of a nightmare, you said something to the effect of 'how would a person like that thing chasing him....something that never needs to rest or sleep and is never distracted or discouraged'. You pointed out that this tech is exactly what the military and police want.

You were right. When the average moron says that something like that will take 20 or 30 years to develop, or some other crap, they fail to take into account two things: The government has a virtually unlimited amount of money to throw at a project, and if the Government wants it, they get it. And boy, does the PTB want this.

Lugh said...

What could terminators do against snipers who could hit them at 3/4 of a mile? Too heavily armored? Then go for the sensors. They'll have vulnerabilities - everything does.

Grognard said...

Well, I liked the movie. I think the only thing people rage about is the rain at the end because it would kill the worms, but that's just pedantic. I think it's a great touch.

That tv series intro always rolls through my head every time I hear of robotics. Nukes are nothing to worry about, unstoppable robotic killers that become more dangerous every decade for eternity is another story. Imagine if one single person managed to gain control of all that power, humanity as we know it would be over.

They could do whatever they want, no one would have any hope of resistance. There would be no need to even pretend to appeal to popularity.

bicebicebice said...

@ Lugh
What could snipers do against terminators who will hit them at 3/4 of a mile? They will come in every shape and size, most will probably be regular bombs, just a bit smarter and just as expendable as a normal explosive, but more deadly.

The metal horde will finish the job the zombie saps couldn't, all hump trolls report to your nearest vault! Itz coming.

KW Jackson said...

Microphonic triangulation of the shot will be reported back across the CCC network within 300ms. That position will be marked for a S&D drone, probably aerial, to sweep for targets and eliminate anything larger than a small dog. This tech is available now in open source if you know where to look. What DARPA has produced already boggles the mind.