Friday, June 26, 2015

Terminal Madness of the End-Times : Series B Retrospective

If they missed 95% of all the deadly weapons, how much of a real threat do you think there was to begin with? Was any of all that even remotely justified? Billions spent on machines to look at millions of naked bodies while setting you up for bone cancer?

Do you suspect that there is no such thing as "Al Qaeda?" The government just released documents showing they funded, staffed and armed a fake organisation they named "ISIS?"

Do you think that real Middle Eastern radicals would name one of their organisations "The Toilet" in arabic and the other after a pagan Mesopotamian queen of demons?

It's not just all fake. It's all really badly faked.

Some of the people, you can fool all of the time.

The freedom, she is long gone. Ay Caramba.

People who think they are free always ask how 17 Bolshevists could take over Russia and turn it into an armed death camp for 80 years in 1917. Yet the Americans slept right through a similar takeover of their own nation without anyone really even noticing.

You are free to do what people mostly clustered in mid-range IQs famously associated with gross incompetency at everything decide is best for you. Because if somebody is a tiny bit smarter than average, that qualifies them to be emperors. That's not me talking, that's scienmagistics bro.

Hey, what's the difference between Mexican police hijacking cars and stealing the occupants blind and "civil forfeiture?" In Mexico after they are done raping the female passengers they drive everybody in the car to a remote location in the desert and force you to dance the mariachi while digging your own grave with a garden spade. I read an account by one woman who survived three bullets in the head where the police got aroused watching the women dig their own graves and decided to rape them a couple more times before shooting them and pitching them in. Only the police can be trusted with guns. To gang-rape single women driving to work at night and shoot them in the head. That's why we should all put our trust in gubbamint.


Ron said...

The Rand Paul video doesn't sit right with me. Why would I have a problem with local State forces having access to heavy weaponry? OK, I don't wouldn't want the local police forces using it, I would rather have State militias getting that, but the point remains the same, it's now in the hands of the people of the State.

Those police forces do not answer to the federal government, they answer to the locally elected officials who are one step closer to the voters than those psychotics in washington are.

If the people of Nebraska do not want their State police forces using heavy weaponry, then it is far easier for them to put a stop to it, than it is to change policy in the US Army. And that is even more true for people in a local town or city.

My point is, this isn't a federal matter.

Stackz O Magz said...

I was turned on to your blog by one of my readers. I absolutely love anything Fallout and must say that you've got a very nice theme going and an excellent blog here. Keep up the good work and come by and visit me sometime. Have a great day.

Texas Arcane said...


All true except for one thing.

It is the Federal government funding all this expansion. I am assuming they are not doing it to enable local police to resist tyranny. Rather, the opposite.