Monday, June 29, 2015

Those Rotten Scythians Again

They were proud of killing children when they got home from a war.

Bad, bad, bad, bad people. Hyksos->Scythians->Khazars. A rotten bunch from day one.

The Scythian dope fiends left their wives at home for a couple decades and were shocked when they got back to discover their women may have sought comfort with other men while they were gone, their slaves in fact. This is pretty classic human sexuality at work - leave a healthy woman alone for 20 or 30 years and they may get lonely.

When the Scythians got back they killed the bastard children of these unions. A little bit too cold if you ask me. Kind of something missing there. The children did nothing but be born. Too similar to primates in slaying the offspring of other males.

There are also rumours about human sacrifice amongst the Scythians. Each day it sounds like there may be increasing evidence of a link to the Carthaginians here somewhere because it turns out after 2000 years of mystery they were a bunch of complete assholes as well.

Another mysterious pattern emerges once you start to know all the facts.

The worst Caucasians in Europe have had a longstanding habit of interbreeding with other rejects, pariahs and monstrous criminal nations. They seem to mix frequently over and over again, always the end product getting progressively worse.

One of the things that all these different groups had in common was that they worshipped serpents. They also largely survived through predatorial patterns on other people. They had rich fertile soils they didn't till. They had plenty of land. They didn't use any of it. They'd either try to charge tariffs to cross it or else let it lie fallow. Like gypsies, they mainly seemed to be interested in going outside their own borders and starting trouble or stealing from other countries. They were never happy in their own backyard for long. The grass always seemed greener to them on the other side of the fence. Happiness for them was going and taking something away somewhere else from somebody else.

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By The Sword said...

Scythians, Sarmatians, Ostragoths, Huns, Khazars, Cumans, Tartars, Cossacks... The Indo-European and Turckik speaking peoples played king-of-the-hill with that region since time imemorial. The ethnicities changed but it was always being taken over by nomadic herdsmen.

It got to be such a mix that the blond-haired, blue-eyed, turckic-speaking, Cumans controlled the region for 200 years after taking it away from the Khazars and being chased off by Ghengis Khan's Golden Horde in the 1200's.

The men fought over the place and their positions changed, but perhaps the women stayed, and bred with their new conquerors, and raised new generations of wild, nomadic, raiders?