Thursday, June 11, 2015

This One I Have Wanted To Post For A While

Was the ISS Space Station Always a Hoax?

You can this watch this video and decide for yourself.

The widespread rumour behind the scenes is that Russia is the only nation left that retains genuine space habitat capability. As anyone who knows who has been there, the Russians keep their space station working with gaffer tape and crazy glue. It's ancient and filled with mold. However, it is real.

There are a lot of people who think that after the second Space Shuttle crashed, America lost the ability to continue to work on it and it's orbit decayed and it may have perished upon re-entry many years back. Just as the United States has gotten into a habit of faking all kinds of achievements it no longer has the capacity for, they began to work with the mass media to create the illusion the ISS was still going strong when in fact, it fell into the ocean over a decade ago. Nowadays the United States is just treading water and trying to continue to project the appearance of a first world power when in fact they are no such thing.

Yeah I know, it is pretty far out. Given that the U.S. lies constantly about nearly everything I wouldn't put it past them just to save face.  It is embarrassing to admit your kids are a bunch of illiterate morons who are not capable of going to the corner to buy meth, much less to outer space.

P.S. Another really important thing just touched on in the video is the basic engineering of sanitation and waste. I've done searches for some details on this stuff many times over the years because of the possible utility in one of my past three shelters. Here's the weird thing … I never found anything but proposed designs for the next space station. Never any details on the current station. Pipe dreams for when America could have the money to begin a new space program. The existing one … nothing specific.


August said...

Yep. That's far out, but I wouldn't put it past them. One of the reason I think it probably is real is because I have followed one of the founders of the Paleo f(x) conference who also happens to be involved in Arxfit. Arxfit is adaptive resistance- basically while you are doing a deadlift, benchpress, etc...- their machine meets your resistance and you get realtime feedback. Well, the guys at NASA are just getting around to shedding the exercise=running meme that has been dominant since the 70s. Can you imagine having people in zero-gravity trying to do some version of running? It causes loss muscle loss here on earth; it will just aggravate the problems of zero gravity.

Anyway, Keith Norris got in to talk about the Arxfit, and adaptive resistance in general, with NASA. Doesn't mean there isn't fraud, but trying to stop muscle wasting seems like one of those little details they wouldn't remember to do unless there were actually people in space from time to time suffering from it.

FrankNorman said...

Tex, the ISS is, well, international. People from countries other than the US go there. In fact, they go there in Russian space capsules.
If it's a hoax, it's an international one.

Now there was, in fact, an American orbital station that came down and burned up after the USA no longer had manned space capability for a while - and that was Skylab. I remember the news of its fall from my childhood. There was all sorts of worry about where it might crash, but as it happened, the few pieces that didn't burn up landed in the Australian outback.

If Russia was the only country with a space station at the moment, they would be openly rubbing Uncle Sam's nose in the fact, you can be sure.

Groggard said...


I expected something stupid like the moon landing "hoax" crap, but this is some pretty shoddy fake BS. Almost everything on CNN appears to be fake now, though I am not sure it means that the ISS doesn't actually exist. Maybe like you say it did exist but they couldn't afford to keep it going, or else maybe it exists but it's just cheaper to fake it.

Groggard said...

Dead giveaway is the hair. The women will touch their hair and adjust it then BAM it goes straight up again. WHY? The hair should never go straight up in the first place, it should go out in all directions.

styrac1 said...

Ave said...

Very interesting stuff. They definitely had my attention about the airlocks, that are seemingly always obstructed by cables, ducts or something. I've seen a couple of war movies that had scenes of doors being shut with sailors still behind, drowning. How could this duct business have any sense in a space environment ?

However, the biggest mystery for me regarding space was : why always de-obrit the junk and let it burn up ? The materials cost horrendous aumounts of effort to be brought into orbit, why not take a (relatively very few) more ressources and send the discarded materials on the moon's surface ? It could even have been decelerated enough (coupled with airbags etc.) so that it lands in a relatively useable state, as a source of materials for a moon base. (cables, metal sheets, tubular structures, metal for smelting etc.)

This is the part of space exploration that never added up for me. I simply cannot imagine that the same engineers who spend so much effort minimizing weight in every possible way at liftoff let the whole apparatus into destructive deorbiting after use.

There are ways to extend the lifetime of communication satellites, including orbital refueling. Those are satellites that are indeed existing, and as such are being used following the rules of economy. The "space exploration" stuff is suspicious because it doesn't add up economically.

bob k. mando said...

so your explanation for GPS systems working is ...

Peter G Brown said...

Nope. Its really up there. You can see it with a decent amateur telescope. Friend of mine has a pretty good setup and we went out one night and saw it for ourselves.

Conspiracy too far!

Edward said...

It can't be a hoax can it? It's supposed to be the biggest man-made structure in earth orbit, visible to the naked eye on a clear night if you know where to look, and certainly seen by many amateur astronomers with backyard telescopes.
I suppose you could make the case that it's now an empty uninhabitable structure, but I don't see how you could claim it isn't even there any more.

Texas Arcane said...


Many of you are the voice of reason. I know about all the evidence it is up there.

Is there a reason they might not want the real ISS station shown? Could it be in such lousy shape they don't want people to see a filthy interior gutted by fire with human skeletons floating around in zero G?

I honestly do not know. I do know ... stuff is fishy concerning the ISS. Fishy. That's all I know.

Texas Arcane said...


That hair is just ridiculous.

There is something there, alright. I don't pretend to know what is really going on. I do smell some bullsh*t in there somewhere. Those reporters don't look like they are really in outer space at all. Wouldn't be the first time they faked it to keep control over the situation.

The Arch Druid said...

Morpheus: What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

The Arch Druid said...

what's the actual interview that Admiral Byrd gave at the end of the clip and tell me exactly why a mountain range full of cold that could power the entire planet in addition to all the other great minimal and resource wealth and tell me why these capitalist globalist signed a treaty that puts the entire continent that has no indigenous plant life or did Janis cultures off limits to any corporation or country ... forever.

bicebicebice said...

MycroftJones said...

If only Ralph Rene was still alive; he'd be happy. For a few years NASA was doing frantic backfill to discredit him (but only after he died). Now this... wow. Even Rene didn't realize it went this far. Cultural vandals unite!

Dave, RN said...

The space program, all of it, is real. My dad worked for NASA and I was privileged to be able to see some things up close. For example, the "flying bedstead". He worked on that training vehicle. I have a picture of him sitting in it. I was allowed to climb the steps and look into the cockpit area.
It's one of those things where we really did do something great.

The Observer said...

Tex, a small side question, off-topic but hey.

I understand that you're worried about terminators and drones and bots, but at the same time, I also note that official tech is...well, horrible. The Obamacare websites suck, the recent fedgov data breach that was only discovered when guys came in to do a tech demo, NASA's failure to even manage to get a working rocket off the ground any more. As more and more kickbacks take place and more and more Affirmative Action hires get in to fill quotas, even Google itself is starting to slow down. Anecdotal evidence, but all the reports I've heard coming out are that H1B tech hires are often grossly incompetent at the technical side of things. Even Soros, melon of melons, can't keep his email secure.

You need neanderthals to do techy things, and yet once anything gets off the ground, saps get in and they start to sink. Why is this going to be any different with terminators? Bunch of white/asian guys finish a prototype, melons approve it and fire the neanderthals while handing it to saps monkeys who mess it all up, like what's happening in tech now. The systems which handle them need maintenance, so on and so forth-

I guess the question is, how do you reconcile gross incompetence like that with the high degree of finesse that manufacturing, programming and maintaining these terminators is going to require, especially when the West's general technical capability is plummeting like a rock?

Texas Arcane said...

@The Observer

I agree with every single thing you just said.

I would bet that out of the two competing powers in World War III, the U.S. will be the first out of the gate with the Terminators and then in a complete reversal of previous history, the next generation of Asian Terminators will be the deadliest of them all. Asia retains the engineering culture, the manufacturing capacity and the drive to capture some of these models, break them down, copy the design and then come out with their own version much improved … after the U.S. has blown its scientific wad forever. When the U.S. doesn't even have a manufacturing capacity left for them, the Asians will continue to crank them out like plastic toys and drop them onto enemy soil with parachutes, where they will kill every human they find and the robots of their opponents that remain.

Texas Arcane said...

@Texas Arcane

After looking at a lot of other stuff I would say what I believe right now is that the ISS is mothballed and nobody has been there in years because they can't afford to go. All the money America has left has to go to it's military program and this ISS circus show is just theatre they put on for the rubes to fill out morning breakfast shows. I would not be shocked if that is either the cheapest filmiest replica they could afford to keep up there or else a gigantic cardboard mockup kept oriented toward earth so it remains facing.

Ave said...

Another hypothesis : after 16 years of operation the Mir station was *looking* pretty bad (before the fire). It is normal, due to such factors as condensation, reating rust, or the lack of clean-up, creating grime.

Most people don't accept that billions of public money are being spent on stuff that *looks* shabby, even though it is operational. This is also why in movies all laboratories look very modern and spotless, nowhere near the practicality and frugality of real facilities (except the Sapiens Manager's office, of course).

Groggard said...

@Observer - all the 'official' stuff is hire by quota and full of foreigners and people hired for their politics. All of whom graduated from a university system where the top spots all go to 'minorities' and people who have the kind of 'narrative' that goes along with their leftist politics.

If you are an evil white guy, you can literally have perfect SAT scores and not get accepted to MIT today, let alone get a scholarship. And the rest of the Ivy league is much worse than that - in those schools everyone gets an A now and any professors who make their classes too hard, get fired.

In defense industry it's another story and you still see a bunch of evil white males and evil east asian patriarchal oppressors doing all the coding, invention and even fabrication. This just shows where the real priorities lay.

For that matter at most corporate workplaces it's a few guys who usually do the bulk of the work. Usually they are among the usual suspects of introverted hard working completely unappreciated types (neanderthals as cleve would say).