Thursday, June 4, 2015

Terminal Madness of the End Times : Entry #991991919

People, please, I just link to this stuff.

Just imagine me as a dispassionate floating observer like THE WATCHER in Marvel Comic Books. I am only here to observe. I couldn't make this stuff up, I just post it on my little blog. Sometimes we can punish the messenger but he is only a slack-jawed village idiot cutting and pasting a URL. I did not write this article and I am not behind the "transabled" (!?!?!?!?!?) movement. I am merely here to observe and relay.

All governments in the final phases of a decline become the biggest oppressor of their own citizens.

P.S. I have spent hours throwing a concrete block into the air and letting it strike me in the head on the way down in the hopes of becoming severely retarded because I heard retarded men get a lot more action than Aspies. After I went through a couple pallets I finally gave up. No one around me has noted any significant change in my behaviour except somebody said I actually seem more alert now than before.

P.P.S. I am trying to get Entertainment Tonight interested in a reality television series where the crew just follows me around as I seek to drop heavier and heavier objects on my own skull in my quest to become severely retarded. The series climax episode will have me dropping an oil tanker from the top of the Empire State Building grill first while I wait on the sidewalk on an "X" far below. It will be bigger ratings than the end of THE WALKING DEAD season with hundreds of millions of people tuning in to see how retarded I will be after the oil tanker hits me in the head.


August said...

Eric Raymond once used them as an example of why we shouldn't support the surgeries for transgendered people. Mutilation as therapy doesn't work- one merely need to look at post-operation suicide rates for that.

Unknown said...

I'm actually shocked to see someone call it a disorder. I feel like that word's been all but done away with by people that would hail it as heroic and perfectly healthy for someone that "self-identifies" differently to mutilate themselves.

Ron said...

Oh God. That was horrible. My heart is broken.

cbenediccengi said...

i have a neurological disorder (Charcot Marie Tooth). my ankles/feet have gotten progressively weaker and pulled out of shape since i was 12 (30 now). over the last year i dislocated both my knee caps and then had my ankles fused into a solid block. several members of my family have/had this disorder. in the old days it was written off as arthritis, and two of my great aunts had to wear those leg braces that the woman in the article was wearing.

out of all the things I've read from your site this is by far the most disgusting. a lot of the other shenanigans are chalked up to the 'ol deadly sins; but this is just psychosis on a mass scale.

i am pretty thalish. been a loner my whole life. i have one amazing friend who is also thalish - he looks like Royal Raymond Rife. i have had women turn me down because of what i am, even though we connect very intensely (i don't blame them). I have literally felt like Quasimotto.

I would love to take a baseball bat to that bitches face so she never smiled again.

Like you've said before of the The West: Let It Burn.
Let the sandniggers rape the race traitor white women that let the draw bridge down; they deserve every bit of it. Let the Musloids hang the liberals and faggots from the lamp posts; we warned them. Let the Jews have their DHS/Cheka and assassinate Kulaks, er, excuse me, 'Constitutionalists'; the Germans tried to warn us. Let it all burn. Fuck this 'Civilization'. i hope Russia prevails in the coming war of normal people vs. child fuckers.

Texas Arcane said...


Don't give in to despair, Ron. I think this is why God has given us a sense of humor, so we can laugh even in the worst adversity and most absurd situations.

All the literature says the survivor personality will always find something humorous in the situation no matter how grim and will just keep rowing. This is especially difficult to stomach since it is people apparently born healthy who do not even respect God enough to take care of his gift to them.

I recommend you learn to laugh about it. You have to admit it is incredibly similar to a Monty Python skit. The scary part is that modern people no longer seem capable of realising when they are utterly absurd.

It might sound cruel but trust me, laugh at it and you will find you do much better than despairing over it. In the end, these idiots are doing it to themselves in this instance which does make it pretty funny.

Sitara said...

DARPA update: Both hilarious and scary.

Some of these things appear to be built with future weapon enhancements/placements in mind. Another decade or so and the human looking ones will be sophisticated enough to be grafted with bio genetically grown human skin and AI able to make trillions of calculations in a split second.

Groggard said...

This is what happens when "weeding out" stops. Though these people seem determined to weed themselves out so se la vie.

Ave said...

@ Sitara

Indeed very interesting. I like the poster showing all contestants, it something straight out of 50's science-fiction. You wouldn't notice if they replaced one of those with Robby the Robot.

About : "responding to natural and man-made disasters".

I read an article some years ago about how difficult it was for firefighters to get into burglar-proof homes, and how they already lost people in "safe rooms" or more appropriately "hiding places" (to be safe from burglars just like in WW2 jewish people and resistants had to hide from the Nazis).

These robots getting through rubble to find somebody (I like the chainsaw-wielding guy, but a diamond-saw guy would be more efficient, after all that's what they use in the building industry) are not being developped to get to some schnock trapped under rubble after an earthquake.

These things are being developped to get into VAULTS.

In the decimated landscape landscape of a post-nuclear war, those with vaults will appear as a serious counter to TPTB who organised the whole mess. They were prescient, and thus what they have to say is valid. This was the whole point, in the antiquity, to predict eclipses (they build the equivalent of supercomputers back then to do so : )

So in each vault there would be a potential Jesus of Mazareth ( or Martin Luther etc.) ready to expose the sins of the powerful. Once the word is out in the remaining population, the people will separate themselves from mass endocrination media and form a separate civilisation. By then it would be too late to use robots.

Atomic war is the wet dream of complex societies : the peasants must have no alternative than to submit completely (=100% -> microchip, genetic alteration and all) to the hierarchy.

Getting to vault dwellers after an apocalypse is a program equivalent to tens, hundreds, thousands of Wacos, in a radioactive environment, and God knows what the dwellers might tell the troopers before the outcome.

You would want only robots, drones and then maybe buker-busting ammunition once the recon is done.

Ron said...


Thank you tex.