Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Terminal Madness of the End Times : Entry #49839821093

Itz about improvamentation.

Improvamenting proves that improvamentation works. Improvament yourself using edjamafacashun and scienmagistics.

I was thinking about something last night.

How come it is the tenth generation that goes insane?

Why don't civilisations last 3 generations or 75 generations or 267 generations before they all go crazy?

Ten is the number of fingers and toes that humans have. Neanderthals technically have 8 toes and two talons on their feet but that's just nitpicking.

Why is the lifespan of civilisations set exactly to the number of digits on the human hands?

Any more, they'd lose count. Any fewer they would be wasting a couple of fingers.

I just see a melonhead standing over the cloning vat asking his boss, "So what's the time lock for the self-destruct switch set to?" His boss looking over the specification … "It looks like they forgot to write that down in here. We might have to fudge it. What's a good number?" The melonhead tech thinks about it for a moment. "Why not ten generations? They have ten fingers to count each one of them off." His boss nods "Works for me. That's a nice figure. So set their time locks to 200 year intervals, ten generations before they go totally insane and destroy their own societies. I will tell the big boys upstairs if they ask and I think they will agree that's a suitable figure. Any longer and they may do some damage or even escape the planet. Ten is a great number, it suits them. They can only get up to so much trouble in ten generations before they render themselves harmless again."


Grognard said...

How evil canada was, letting all the 'natives' flood into their country from down south.

Eric Green said...

Eric Green said...


The Observer said...

Tex, may I ask for your two cents on an issue?

Do you think that leftists, those insane R-selected beasts, are dysfunctional neanderthals?

The reason I'm asking this is because that Anonymous Conservative, the face of R/K theory, has stated that the DRD4 7R is one of the most strongly associated with predisposition to leftism and the resultant physical effects, like on the amygdala.

DRD4 7R has also been identified by you as *the* neanderthal gene. Also, there's the following quote from you not so long ago:

"In those rare cases when certain genes for Neanderthal oxygen transfer develop correctly in your genetic makeup, they can leave you with the aerobic capacity of an Olympic decathlete. The other 90% of the time they will leave you an asthmatic wreck. You might call it the revenge of the Neanderthal. Think about that every time you see one of those guys in a tie-dyed pink shirt screaming that capitalism is destroying the earth."

So...yeah. Do you think that leftism, along with all its pathologies, is the result of incorrectly developed neanderthal traits? That when expressed incorrectly, the suicidal altruism, groveling at the feet of even cruel women, shrunken amygdalas, R-selection et al exist because an already damaged mechanism was damaged further by inserting parts which didn't fit?

FrankNorman said...

Hi Tex, the 10th-generation thing doesn't work the way you seem to think it does. It's the 10th gen of an empire, not of the people who first started it. By the very act of expanding to become an empire, a society is including all sorts of people who weren't part of it's original making.

Nations that don't try to become empires can go on for much longer - as long as they can also avoid being swallowed up by someone else's empire.

Rome, for example. By the time of Julius Caesar, Rome had been a going concern for about 700 years. But for most of that time they were just a little city-state. When they started to take over the rest of the Italian peninsular, and then onwards, is when their society started to corrupt.

FrankNorman said...

And for some Melonhead-related humor:

Edward said...

You can have social stability or you can have 'innovation', it's a sliding scale. It depends on the memeplex you install, a software rather than a hardware problem. If you are clever you can organise the world so that different continents house civilisations at different points on the cycle, then when one population self destructs another is ready to take over, repopulate and rebuild. If you are really clever you can transfer all the basic guiding principles from one collapsing civilisation to the next to get them off the ground a bit quicker and reach slightly greater heights.
Who knows, we may get it right and actually work out how to escape the planet one day..

scipio afircanus said...


The bigger our government/corporatocracy/Goldman-Sacchs gets and over reaches, the more I am reminded of the Tower of Babel and the Flood. Eventually God says enough and wipes the slate clean.

Texas Arcane said...

@The Observer

100% correct.

Neanderthals lived through a million years of cold. They were the most K-selected race of people that has ever existed on Earth. Such environments would never permit leftists to live, they would be boat anchors who would kill their entire tribe overnight.

I believe Anonymous Conservative is dead on correct in his assumptions and all his premises are wrong. He thinks Cro-Magnons, the loping foot no-fixed-address scavenger with no culture, is the conservative one. The only instincts to respect property would be amongst the Greek Foot stand-your-ground Neanderthals. The Cro-Magnons would insist everything belongs to anyone who can scoop it up and nothing can belong to anybody because they were trees without roots with no need for fences and no need to respect others fences. Their whole living was made by spotting surplus others generated and then raiding and stealing it.

When the Ultra K-Conservative Neanderthal amygdala stem cell takes root in the brain alongside the Ultra-R-Selected Mega Commie Cro-Mag, the most common effect is to simply kill the development of the amygdala entirely, leaving a whole in the head where it would go. Who would insist Neanderthals had a hole in their head? It is only seen in the hybrid trying to mix two incompatible blueprints for the development of the amygdala.

The DRD74A gene thus will commonly cause humans to develop into cross-eyed, raving mad foaming at the mouth leftist lunatics.

Where it seats correctly and controls amygdala development, the person will end up like me. Otherwise the two different plans for the amygdala just don't mix successfully into a half-Thal, half Cro-Fag brain.

Texas Arcane said...

@Frank Norman

It is true. Becoming an Empire is always a death sentence and no Empire ever ends well.

Civilizations that have paced themselves, avoided hegemony and kept themselves decentralized and bottom-up hierarchies like the Greek city-states have lasted much longer. The instant the Greeks determined they would be a military state and seek dominance over all others they put themselves right on the short bus to Caitlyn Jenner apocalypse.

We would say that as soon as a civilisation becomes highly organised, it enflames the ambitions of the ruthless and they decide to seek empire when they see the means and production capacity to support large scale military campaigns.

Aeoli Pera said...

"The instant the Greeks determined they would be a military state and seek dominance over all others they put themselves right on the short bus to Caitlyn Jenner apocalypse."

Quote of the year.

Edward said...

I wonder if anyone has actually measured Bruce/Caitlyn Jenners Neanderthal DNA admixture. Presumably (s)he at one time actually did have the aerobic capacity of an Olympic decathalete...

He was probably up there with Ozzy Osbourne in terms of physical stain knee and resilience at that age. Definitely very eager to prove himself a 'real man' back then and highly capable of doing so, as have been many other trans people that have served in the military etc.

Hmm, Kris Jenner and Sharon Osbourne are basically two of a kind don't you think?

Amygdala size can change over the lifespan, it seems to depend on active hormone levels to be maintained. For an early onset trans person (s)he's managed to hold out much longer than most would, and led a pretty successful life while quietly dealing with it...

I know, most of you don't believe in that kind of stuff, as it just seems incomprehensible to those unafflicted. I can't argue the point except to say that it's obviously real for some people and has existed in all cultures throughout human history. Biology is continuously variable, not binary, but culture determines how these things are dealt with.

Presumably there were both male and female Neanderthals at one time. Don't you think the female ones might have been leftist? Leftism is basically evopsych by-design for women, but not for men.

Civilisation breakdown happens when things get too mixed up. Environmental conditions probably have a big impact...

Sam said...

It may be possible that after Empires start that people from all over move there to take advantage. After a while the people that built the thing in the first place are the minority. This, according to some reports, was what happened in Rome. You can see it every day in the US. Foreigners are everywhere.

Groggard said...

it's got to be all the plastic residues causing people like Jenner. I refuse to believe that this kind of thing has always been around to this degree. It seems to be endemic, and I personally know a lot of young people who are 'changing'. I never even heard of such a thing when I was a kid, even simple gay men were a huge anomaly. There was one at my HS, that's it. Now the ranks seem to be swelling like crazy and I don't think it's due to 'coming out'.

FrankNorman said...

@Groggard - No, the level of that sort of craziness isn't constant all the time, you're right about that. Historically, it's happened the most in decadent societies that were near collapse.
I think there are multiple inter-acting causes.
Spiritual: when people reject God, sometimes He gives them over to things like this. I knew a chap who was an active, zealous Christian. Then he bought into Liberation Theology and started twisting the Gospels to preach Marxism. Then suddenly he "came out" as gay, and abandoned his wife and children! Last I heard of him, he had AIDS. This was 20 years ago though, back in the days when if someone decided to be gay, he at least had the decency to quit any role he had in a church ministry. Nowadays...
Chemical/environmental: The ancient Romans used lead in their water-pipes, and it probably dumbed them down. And yes, there seem to be a lot of "estrogen-like" chemicals in plastics. One wonders why there aren't as many that mimic testosterone.
Socio-political: I suspect that the Powers That Be actually want to "feminise" the population to make them more compliant, and less independent-minded.