Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Russia Backswats NWO and Their Custody Kids

The NWO promises but Russia delivers.

That's the power you have when you tell the truth all the time. Everybody else is weak by contrast.

They attempted to bring the smack down on Russia but got the smack dropped on them instead.

Russia's GDP is projected to grow 10% a year for the next ten years. The rest of the planet under the sick and ailing NWO overlords is expecting negative growth forever the way things are looking now. At the end of the day, Putin delivers and his detractors can't offer any of their slaves anything but a world of pain to look forward to. That's why 95% of the Ukraine wanted to escape the clutches of the Rothchilds and flee under the wing of Mother Russia.

Putin is not running the Soviet Union. This country is an economic powerhouse open for business.

It is amazingly obvious that life is really good on the other side of the matrix. Imagine if we could all take the red pill and go to live over there instead of the bleak, dying, scarce world of failure the mass media tells us we're living in.

The Russian people have a leader who puts their interests first, second and third in his priorities. The West has a puppet Pied Piper from Kenya leading the march of fools into the nearest river. Anybody who would take advice from a clown like that deserves what they get. I guess for some people the ultimate horror is always the possibility looming that they might have to think for themselves instead of just following the lead of people who act like they know what they are doing.


Groggard said...

I have to laugh at the very idea of an embargo on Russia. They are the ones with all the resources.

bicebicebice said...

"The Russian people have a leader who puts their interests first, second and third in his priorities." I wonder if I will ever live in a country like that.

styrac1 said...

styrac1 said...

Chris from Sydney said...

Meanwhile back in Australia....

I can only hope this, along with having the nation guarded by eunuchs and trannies,
is part of a longer term defensive plan to show Russia we're no threat and so there's no need to waste nukes on Australia.

Texas Arcane said...


I saw that article.

Some stuff I can't post on Vault-Co because people would think I was making it up.

I am sure the Red Chinese will be terrified of our transgendered, high-heeled, lipstick wearing push-up bra fright wig military when the time comes. The only question we should be asking is whether or not they can do the job in seven inch stiletto pumps.

Chris from Sydney said...

@Tex, Can they do it in 7 inch pumps ? The answer is YES !

The West is one giant parody site that is trolling the entire planet.