Friday, June 12, 2015

Representative Democracy is a "Procedural Snafu" To Barack Obama

Despite all the politicians doing their very best to ignore the roaring of 300 million constituents, they had to give into their demands from sheer volume and refuse to pass the President's Pro-UN-Colony proclamation that would have turned the United States into a for-profit NWO slave plantation.

The "procedural snafu" was anybody but Barack Obama being able to approve the legislation. Barry Soetoro, I think I found the legal glitch in your plan. It is some dusty old obsolete regulation called "The U.S. Constitution." Tell your NWO buddies to arrange to ditch that first, then their plans can be implemented without any opposition from the actual population of North America.

Vigilant watchdogs in the free media protecting us all from abuses by those in power, as we have come to expect.

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