Saturday, June 13, 2015

Protecting Cattle From Nuclear War

This was a big priority in Nebraska when I was living there.

Great foresight in seeing how important it was to keep cows safe from fallout and blast effects.

If you were delivering fresh milk to people a week after a nuclear war it would be pretty hard for them to give up and surrender to despair. If you could also provide beef and other dairy products like butter to your local region, you'd be halfway to recovery right there. That instantly gives your neighbours feelings of continuity and the sense they are not on their own.

Funny how this stuff would be far more important today than it ever was in the past and America has forgotten all of it and everything else as well. Kwanstainia is a doomed nation. These old photos are nothing but evidence for archaeologists now. They are proof of an era when the United States could still be taken seriously.


Sitara said...

Entrepreneur makes 1 Billion dollar vault for rich people to survive a doomsday event:

How would you rate this vault Tex?

fag head said...

Pooooooooossibility of attack tomorrow!
(Or not)

Ave said...

@Fag Head,

What you just did is actually part of the exercise. The internet and social media are now part of "hybrid warfare", so the guys who organize this are releasing such information and follow :
- its spreading
- its effects on the ground.

I'm sure every gun shop and gun show in a radius of two days by car from Jade Helm states are being scrutinized continuously. With that EMP rumour, they're going to monitor internet activity based around EMP shielding, as well as real activity on Home Depot stores etc.

Every survivalist site is a variable taken into account in a hybrid war.
I didn't say target.