Sunday, June 14, 2015

One Megaton Payload That Can Hit A Dime From 3000 Miles Away

Now that's what I call a proper nuke.

I read about this stuff in the Sunday supplements of 1968. They said all this was going to happen. I'm sure glad I studied them carefully.


FrankNorman said...

Oh boy... while the kiddies in the West talk about Whirled Peas, the grown-ups in the rest of the world get ready to play with the big toys.
When did the USA last develop a new nuclear weapon system? All the Leftists would be screaming it down.

Tex, I think that Russia is playing India and China off against each other. What say you?

Texas Arcane said...

@Frank Norman

I would bet anything that the alliance between Russia and China lasts 24 hours after they finish off the United States. Russia appears to know they need to keep China and India from forming alliances of their own.

njartist said...

Bill Clinton's legacy comes back to bite us in the ass.

styrac1 said...

"One of my core political beliefs is that there would still be a Soviet Union if they’d been smart enough to have two communist parties that agreed on everything except abortion."

"Look, I’ll suggest that we can not have effective political system, if there’s a tough competition. So I suggest we create an artificial two-party system. So, let’s say, the left and right. A Socially Oriented party and neo-conservatives liberal party. Choose any. And I’ll make another party."

Texas Arcane said...


I know exactly what you are talking about.

They would not have gotten guidance chips like that for another 20 years without Bill Clinton's help.