Saturday, June 6, 2015

Matt Barber On Early Demolition Preparations For Gomorrah II

Matt Barber will not be widely read, quoted or believed because his words are too rational.

Anything that makes sense nowadays is not welcome in the public sphere. If you are trying to chop off one of your own body parts, be it a leg or something a little dearer, you will find a wide appreciation and no doubt be described as "an hero."

This guy was the greatest "an hero" of them all!

This dude was such a badass he managed to get access to Hitler's inner circle and then kill Adolph Hitler! Where so many others failed, he found the courage to succeed like Caitlyn Jenner.


Dan Crab said...

I think it is very funny that you would mock a man who fought harder than anyone on your blog ever did in their life. A man who built a nation from rubble and scrap to a soon-to-be empire had it not been defeated. Absolutely no one on your roster could say the same. Hitler was an architect of the future who could have provided a future for the German people, yet you mock him. A man who was clearly braver and smarter than yourself. A man that nearly lost his life on the battlefield and was only stopped when he had been blinded with sarin gas.
The entire story about his suicide in the bunker is absolute bunk. A story to give praise to the idiot Patton and all the yank troops in Europe at the time. What actually happened was just recently found out.
Before you think I am insulting you, know that I have read you blog before and I know what you think. Usually I agree with you but here I have found serious fault. Most of your information is good but this is just wrong. Quit comparing someone who is clearly a melonhead to a suicidal sapiens twat. I find it very hard to believe that someone as level-headed as yourself would actually think that way.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

I like where he has his photo taken cheering the war declaration in the street, then apparently is on a train to his brother Aleph's house in England approximately one hour later. Did you know about that? The German draft authorities called his brother in England and told him that Adolph had better come straight back for enlistment or he would be flagged a deserter. This is the reason they gave him an idiot's job like messenger and a toy pistol, he was not regarded as a healthy or sound recruit qualified to be a soldier like everybody else.

Not a single doctor who observed Hitler's "blindness" saw any evidence of exposure to gas, no facial burns and no blistering. It was a universal diagnosis of hysteria long before anybody knew who Hitler was.

At the end of the war, Hitler ordered all infrastructure destroyed so he could starve all the German people to death, mostly women and children. A real man would have orchestrated a surrender putting his people's interests above his own but Hitler was never masculine. He was a childlike drug addicted crybaby who ordered Speer and others to destroy the entire country for failing him.

He was a cowardly melonhead who was happy to start wars he had no intention of fighting in himself and let others die for his incompetence. The Russian front wasted the best young men of Germany and here we had this "jeenius" who was supposed to have read of the Napoleonic Campaign. Hitler only valued Neanderthals for their craft like all the generations before him and early on it looked as though the Nazis would conduct a eugenic purge against them had Hans Asperger not reminded them they were the brightest minds in science and technology.

I don't have any more admiration for Hitler than I do Winston Churchill. All of these men are bastards glorified for the purpose of zionist fables. None of these men were fit to polish my boots.

Dan Crab said...

Dear Arcane:
If you do not believe in zionist fables, then why do believe such silly tall tales like that? Can you actually name any event when Hitler ordered German infrastructure to be destroyed? If anything, Hitler actually built everything solid and straight after WW1. He never even considered surrender until after he saw Russian troops in the capital. I have noticed that as time passes rumors and lies about the National Socialists just increase and extend into every single angle possible. Just recently the zionist producers made a movie about nazis destroying art in France using flamethrowers. When in reality Hitler ordered the troops to stay clear of historical pieces in the city and only focus on military.
If Hitler was just a mere tool, then how do you explain his reputation as a soldier and reward for honourable service? The man received an iron cross of the first class. Not just anyone gets that kind of commendation. Every single source that I have seen always shows Hitler's injury. I am starting to think your grudge against melonheads is affecting your ability to actually judge their worth.

njartist said...

Re "an hero": the Know Your Meme page stated that it was a grammatical mistake to use"an" instead of "a" before an "h." When I was in school fifty and more years ago, "an" was the preferred word to be used before vowels and "h;" especially if the "h" was soft or not pronounced. Also, reading the KJV reinforces the use of "an" and the use of such words as "mine": as in, "mine eyes have seen the glory of God."

Dan Crab said...

Are you afraid of criticism?

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

It is because I have moved beyond where you are and you don't see it yet.

Once I discovered every single thing they told us about World War II was largely false, I then assumed like so many others the opposite was true.

So I read some more on the subject. Then some more. I can tell the difference between propaganda and eyewitness accounts. Nobody anywhere would make up a story about Hitler smelling so badly that other men at the Mannheim's Men Shelter paid money for bunks further away from him.

All this "great men of history" on both sides is all lies. The only men and women who were ever great in all of history were Neanderthals. Melonheads nor their slaves are ever genuine or sincere in anything. I not only believe Churchill and all the "good guys" were murderous butchers and cowardly knaves, I think the same of the other side as well.

Notice how all these "great men" never seem to do any actual fighting on their own. It's always others who need to fight.

Hitler should have stopped at annexing Austria but his vanity and stupid power lust far outweighed concern for his own people. I am well aware there were provocations (just as now in the Ukraine) but if Hitler had thought of the good of his own kind first, second and third there would have been no second World War. Hitler then really screwed himself going into Russia in the winter. What an idiot.

I am not much but I am a far better man than all of these idiots I have been taught to worship all my life as exceptional. None of them were much exceptional in any way. Good men have no biographers for the most part.

Mark Mitchell said...

I'll bite. WWII was baked into the cake, just like WWIII is. As Jay Hanson points out you can't stack homo sapiens and reduce its calorific intake without war.

The punitive nature of Versailles guaranteed either a rejectionist response or a collapse and power vacuum in the centre of Europe. The latter might have led to an early version of the European Union like a home-grown Marshall plan, but given the way the Czechs and Poles were treating the German minorities, it would probably be more like the 30 years war.

@Dan: Irving in Hitlers War states Hitler gave orders for Paris to be razed to the ground after the Allies got out of Normandy. Eiffel tower, the lot. His commanders failure to at least blow the Seine bridges saved the Allies at least a week.

Dan Crab said...

Mark Mitchell:
Please bring a source before you make a claim.

Dan Crab said...

Tex Arcane:
You seem very adamant about Neanderthals being "good guys". I also see that you deny any evidence that neanderthals were the brutal troglodytes that they actually were. All evidence shows that neanderthals never had a single hafted axe yet you grab any random person of intelligence or beauty and claim they are "neanderthal". The only individuals you or your associates have claimed that actually look like neanderthals to me are Steve Wozniak and Fedor Emelianenko. Colin Wilson and the rest look 100% sapiens. I have yet to see any image of an amud skull that has a forehead or straight jaw. The book "Amuds in Israel" does not seem to exist. Whoever "hid the book underground" either did a splendid job of burying the book for all eternity from all memory on Earth or it never existed.
The people who bear the closest resemblance to neanderthals today are not caucasians [who are third lowest] but actually mongoloids.
One group in particular look like neanderthals but you deemed them to be pure sapiens [totally contradicting the genetic and physical evidence]. Yet some of your colleagues have realised whom is most neanderthal today. Most notably one called "Memoire" who seems the best educated of your lot.
I know that you will most likely brush me off as a simple sapiens boot slave, but consider the evidence at hand. It would be unwise to just overlook the information as "lies" which seems to be a bad habit for you. "Memoire" seems to know the most when it comes to paleontology and anthropology. His look is very refreshing compared to your limitless and groundless praise of the mole-men.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

Except not a word of that is even close to being correct. You are getting your anthropology from white nationalist sites that were not accurate back in the 1970's, much less now. I don't know if you realize it, but that white genius they are always crowing about is almost never found in their own ranks.

It is not lies. It's mob-rule gibberish nearly as bad a creationism or scientology, made up out of whole cloth.

If you'd been reading this site you would have begun to suspect something was wrong ten years ago. Needless to say, you are generally quoting ideas from men who have since recanted and confessed it was all baloney they made up.

Like I said, Sapiens can't tell the truth even when he wants to. Nothing straight was ever hewn from that crooked timber.

Are you aware of the mislabeling of sites for the past 150 years? No? Get a couple beers into an anthropologist and see if you can get him to tell the truth.

They knew Cro-Magnons did not paint those caves in Europe back in the 30's. Fact.

Dan Crab said...

I would really like it if you got some of your sources up and ready for me to read. I am not the kind of person who likes to read a blanket statement and try to gauge the truth from it. What I would really like is to see your source material. The book that you have mentioned before "Amuds in Israel" seems to be a figment of your imagination. I cannot possibly change my mind without seeing the actual book, whether in PDF. or in print. As you are familiar with computers, I would think you could at least show some text from the book [wherever it lies] or give a link. If not, then I am going to presume it is a product of your own mind and not an actual title. I am not one to believe myths.
Those links that I have given are not from any white nationalist site. They are from Koanic's site. A site made for discussing the "Neanderthal superman" that you created. If anything, it is your gibberish. Not mine. Daily Mail in particular is actually anti-nationalist and mocks anything close to white nationalism. About as far from WN as possible.
I cannot understand what makes you think that you are a modern neanderthal. While I can guess that alienation from society due to your autism and general fatness has caused you to develop some sort of identity disorder. Usually guys with that issue think they are "Crystal children from the planet Neptune" or 'psychic empowered'. In your case you have latched onto a personal mythology about cavemen and other extinct hominids with IQs most likely in the low 40s. Perhaps you saw their robust physique and dreamed you could have their physical strength. As you are obviously a nerd and computer whizz with serious social maladjustment, I can only imagine that you were in a desperate rut of your life and needed some emotional compensation from being attacked on a daily basis by school bullies. In the end, you attached your own psyche to the neanderthals and gave them several traits of your own such as your above-average IQ and programming skills. In turn, your school bullies turned into the "manboon sapiens" who can only survive by fast talking and pretending to be human [competent socialisation]. I am still not sure about the whole process of your thinking, but you have admitted to be autistic, so I can see what most likely happened.

I am absolutely neurotypical and have an IQ around 25 points higher than the average kwanstanian. By your reckoning, I would be seen as sapiens as I lack a brow-ridge and a protruding jaw. As a sapien, I find your portrayal of us as utter brutes and savage cannibals completely biased. A superb example of your supremacist thinking, making everyone but you and your own kind look incapable of sentience and emotion. Damn, a "Neanderthal supremacist"?
Behold the almighty Neanderthal demi-god!,huge.jpg
I hope these two examples of neanderthal guys are what you talking about when say "neanderthals were the true children of god".
Sapiens on the other hand is really ugly.,_Women%27s_World_Awards_2009_b.jpg

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

Also, I don't know who you are claiming is my "associate."

I don't have any associates. I am sorry you feel so threatened by my ideas you have to attach them to other people I have probably never spoken to and even if I had, was doing it from courtesy. There are no "associates."

Dan Crab said...

By "associate" I mean all of the people who believe in the same theory that you created. The so-called "gracile neanderthals" who may or may not have existed. Those links were to a forum that I can clearly tell you did not recognise. The Neanderhall was a creation for those with Neanderthal admixture and those who considered themselves modern-day neanderthals to discuss matters about their own admixture and how it affects them. An interesting bunch to say the least. I thought you would have recognised it by now, but I was mistaken. Too bad as it's members actually heed a lot of your conclusions. It was made by Koanic, another blogger and proponent of similar theories. I am sure you have heard of him.

As for the whole bias towards homo sapiens being a bunch of killer apes [which the majority of regular people are not] I can tell of one sapien who does not fit your label.

Another example that does not fit your assumptions would be Alexander Fleming. A 'melonhead' who is quite clearly not a tyrant nor a perpetrator of evil deeds. A benefactor.

Third and last example that does not fit your black-and-white paradigm is an almost-exact spitting image of a neanderthal.
This man is so obviously a neanderthal and yet he has none of the superficial traits you grafted onto neanderthals. No "haunted gaze", no autism, no weird faggot mannerisms. His behaviour is what you would call "manboon" yet his face totally betrays your theory that thals are goody-two shoes never-harms-a-fly types. This is the kind of example that cannot be easily ignored.

Dan Crab said...

The main reason why you did not show my detailed psychoanalysis of your fantasies is proof alone that you are the threatened one. Your mythology cannot be sustained without a healthy dose of denial and solipsism, which is such a shame as you usually get things right on the bat most of the time. Here you are just letting your mouth rush at the bull's eye. You are the kind of guy who seems to be able to weave the truth from conspiracy theories and also figure out how the underpinnings of the world work, yet you have such strange ideas that almost seem to be induced by psychedelics. Neanderthals created civilisation? What's next? Lost city of leprechaun gold?!
I really wanted you to show the proof, but I guess you are not a man of evidence and rather a man of blind faith. I guess all copies of "Amuds in Israel" are floating in a toilet somewhere in Afghanistan because I couldn't find a single mention outside your website. Was there only one copy ever produced and you had it until you sold it to a manboon at your book selling deal? Just one of those cases I guess.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

Every week or so for the past ten years, somebody comes onto Vault-Co, starts shrieking at what they read, then posts demands to "see all my sources." They must think I keep a file nearby with a ton of recently verified links.

I'm not selling anything, brother. There are no dancing bears or clowns with drums on this site. I'm not an advocate.

Dan, do you have any idea of how much I have read on this subject? In all honesty, your vanity aside, what are the odds any of your white nationalist friends have read as much as I have? If they have read as much as I have, I think they'd be in a mental institution. No mentally healthy person reads that much.

At last count I found thirty sites on the internet that have discussed my ideas. I am not affiliated with any of them. Sometimes Koanic Soul writes me and I reply, I enjoy hearing from him. I did not put Koanic Soul up to anything. I have never posted to his site although he has invited me quite a few times.

To cut to the chase, Dan … and this is a really important question … what's in it for us? Tell the truth, when your white revolution is complete, we Neanderthals will still be on the bottom and you and your buddies will still be taking credit for all our achievements. Nothing is going to change. That white skin you have, how do you think you came by it? You got it by gang-raping Neanderthal women who were taken as war brides after you genocided the Neanderthal people on the Iberian Peninsula.

You have always needed us to do the thinking and manufacture weapons for you. Other than that, none of us has ever meant anything to you and you know you despise our kind, even as you claim you "are" us.

The Neanderthal is always being told his conditions will change if he backs this or that faction but after the war is won, the same Cro-Mag apes climb up on the throne and they can't even remember our names.

There's nothing in your white nationalism for the Neanderthal. No matter which flavour of Homo Sapiens is on top, the one universal constant is that the Neanderthal will always be the nigger on the bottom. We're just a tool that comes in handy when you need it because you are bears of little brain. Without us, you'd just be a bunch of lanky spear-chucking cannibals.

I prophecy that any "White" revolution which fails to recognise the Neanderthal will always fail. Always.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

… and Dan, you don't even have support from Hans Asperger in your usual "diagnosis." Asperger concluded this was not autism and there was absolutely no pathology except the Asperger kids were terrible at throwing compared to ordinary children. Hans never said anything about Aspergers being autism and wrote in plain enough German the opposite conclusion. That's just your manboonery at work.

Recent CT Scans in the UK of over a 100,000 brains are building a wealth of evidence to support the M. Night Shymalayan ending … It's not Neanderthals who are damaged goods. Thicker corpus callosums, more associative brain tissue, better frontal lobes and occipitals plus a larger amygdala. See the picture emerging here?

If you raised a german shepard puppy with wolves, you'd expect it to exhibit some very odd behaviour when it reached adulthood. That doesn't mean the puppy was originally pathological when you put it into the cage with the manboons.

Herman said...

Memoir is an abusive prick. OOA makes some sense though.

Herman said...

Out of Asia*

Njord Danuson said...

@Cleve you cant save the lulu monkeys from themselves.They just prove the melonheads are correct over and over that the war monkeys are nothing but livestock on a global monkey farm same as it ever was...

Dan Crab said...

Neanderthals were brown-skinned with the same hue as a mestizo or amerindian. White skin developed millennia later after the neanderthals froze to death in their moldy caves. There was no 'rape' of neanderthal females. What little is in the human genome today is the result of neanderthal rape on human females. There is absolutely no neanderthal mitochondria in humans today nor on the X chromosome, despite your claims about it being on the 'male's side' [which is laughably impossible as mitochondria is only inherited from the direct maternal lineage and males cannot pass their own mitochondria].
I have seen what you look like. You look nothing like a neanderthal. If I had to estimate your percentage I would guess 1% or less.

Even I look more like a neanderthal than you. I know as a fact that my neanderthal percentage is 2.7%.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

Neanderthals survived Snowball Earth and endured a million year Ice Age with brown skin?

How'd they get vitamin D?

Mitochrondria is neither as important as described by scienmagists nor is it a certain indicator of descent from any particular haplogroup.

Dan, do you have a point? You're really boring, do you know that? Is there something you are trying to prove? Believe it or not I am really busy with a lot of things here.

Read the site to see vital links for my ideas. If you can't be bothered, the internet is pull technology - I know this sounds incredible ... but couldn't you just surf somewhere else?

I will watch my hit counter to see it decrement as you leave.

Texas Arcane said...

@Mark Mitchell

The last two chapters of the Albert Speer book consist of Hitler lying on the floor screaming at his generals because they have not reported destroying all existing infrastructure as he asked. He finally wore himself out and was too apathetic to have them shot. Hitler's first question in the bunker to anyone his last couple of months was to ask if they had blown all the bridges and poisoned all the water sources the way he told them to. Hitler told his generals and Speer that the german people had failed him and shown they did not deserve to live.

What a pathetic wretch. The most murderous nerd who ever lived.

If he had been born in the current era you just know he would have played XBox all day long, masturbated to Hentai porn and gotten in violent arguments about how the Klingon antimatter drive worked. He was not harmless because some people treated him as though he were not a raving madman.

Dan Crab said...

My final conclusion:
It is futile to convince that you are fully human. I see now that you are so deeply ingrained to your religion of neanderthal jesus that any attempt to tell you otherwise just rips you from the self-praising thought of being above those that are different from yourself. Despite seeing two examples of modern-day humans with heavy neanderthal admixture you continue to claim that they are selfless angels on Earth and that they looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger [despite the planet of evidence to show the opposite].
Your prejudice towards melonheads and sapiens is understandable. You clearly have some inherent repulsion to them as they are not your kind. From what I can tell you seem to think extroversion is a sin of some sort. Being an extrovert myself, I would say that your characterisation is true for some and not at all true for others. I definitely have a functioning brain. Enough to see that you are right some of the time.
List of things that I can agree with you:
That kwanstainia is going to lose WW3
That kwanstainians are utter idiots
That Australian 'men' are for the most part female in the brain
That neanderthals were stronger than modern-day homo sapiens
That monophasic sleep is terrible
That Russia is one of the few countries that is going to prosper after WW3
That nuclear war is inevitable
That bunkers are the only way to survive a global atomic war
That the Roman Empire was degenerate and unworthy of any praise

I will continue to read your site, I just had to explain what was wrong here. This is one of the few posts that have seen that was actually wrong. On a scale twice as high as your 2012 polar shift apocalypse. You even quoted that lying scumbag Albert Speer to make a point. At this post I cannot tell if this is just more hyperbole or if you actually believe that.
As for brown skin....just look at an eskimo. The environment they inhabit is virtually the same. Vitamin D for them is fresh from the fish. Only difference is that neanderthals lived in much more temperate parts of the world. Spain, Gibraltar, France, Israel, and Uzbekistan. There is no reason to think that they did not have dark skin. Just look at people who live in those areas now. How many pale hispanics have you seen?
One last thing, I was once diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome as a child. Despite having what you consider a trademark sign of neanderthal blood, I look completely sapiens and you seem to think that I am sapiens. I am totally fine with this, just disproves your idea that all sapiens are dumb savages. Looks like they can have asperger's too since I have it. Maybe I could invent a photon-propelled nuclear-powered spacecraft and just leave for Mars. I would prefer that to a cramped bunker made of plastic with a one-server DOS interface not capable of addressing multiple life support functions.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

You are right that a ten minute browse of Google by you will not alter ideas that I have formed over the last four decades from more reading in a week than most people do in a lifetime.

I don't have time to go over each of your common myths about the past. Like I said, there is someone like you on Vault-Co nearly every week posting a wall of text about how Neanderthals didn't even know how to make fire and went extinct because they could not adapt to cold weather. Every week. If you were me, would you engage every new visitor each week by taking him back to the cradle to explain where he first was mislead?

So, yeah. Neanderthals lived in temperate zones. Right. The reason they lived there was because they survived right through the periods they averaged 300 degrees below zero. They saw many races come and go, none of them was ever as well adapted to life on this planet as they were but many of them far outlasted Homo Sapiens very brief spat on top. Sapiens will likely be the briefest of them all.

Russell (106) said...


Have you read "Isaiah's Job" by Albert Nock?

If not, do so.

If you have, then you should be able to understand Tex.

"I am absolutely neurotypical and have an IQ around 25 points higher than the average kwanstanian."

Ah, well, give it your best anyway.

The baseline IQ to understanding Tex seems to be around the +2.5 SD mark.

Before you start, no, this isn't a dick measuring contest. I'm not trying to put you down or disqualify. I'm saying to understand Tex, you need to meet minimum requirements.

There's a quantitative and qualitative jump at +1, another one at +2 and a bigger one at +3.

Notice I didn't say you have to agree with Tex if you're in the +2.5, but that to understand him it's needed.

I fully expect this to fall on deaf ears; for you to ignore, skim until offended, or to mock. Nonetheless, it is what it is.

Texas Arcane said...


My whole life I read how Hitler was a military genius etc. etc.

I really did read the Napoleonic Campaigns. Not just say I read them. I actually read them.

Holy sh*t. If there is one lesson I would take away from that book, I would say it is don't fight in Russia in the winter. Also, don't fight Russia. At the end of that eyewitness account, Napoleon's once-great army limps out with about 15% of its original strength on frostbitten stumps and crutches. Some of them crawled out pulling themselves on boards in rags.

I don't think Hitler read that book. I think his propaganda department told all these lies about him and claimed he read a lot of stuff he never read. Then the Zionists added to the myth and built him up even bigger. Once again, history fail. I not only do not think Hitler was a genius but judging from everything I have read in Shirer, I don't believe the guy was all that bright. His failure cost the lives of half the best Germans who ever lived after the coward shot himself and left them all to cope with the twin invasions of Russia and the Allies. He didn't do anything to help any of his own people. A clown, Hitler.

Dan Crab said...

Final Footnote:
I almost forgot to tell your absolutely wrong view on Hitler. Your example of Hitler being a nerd is almost too much to correct without actually giving a punch to the table. You seem to select random bits of propaganda and somehow create a picture that never existed.
Hitler was foremost and only an artist. If he was alive today, he would most likely be trying to go to an art academy and paint works of art. Unless something drastic happened I doubt he would enter politics as times today are different.
If anything your created portrayal of the man is about as accurate as your depiction of neanderthals being super-geniuses with IQs of 500 and neutron jet packs. [A rather sad picture I must say. I guess 99% of humans are utterly worthless compared to you and your cave-dwelling kind. Even the ones that give heart transplants at hospitals and work hard jobs to support their families are garbage compared to some hairy savage who never figured out how to hunt without mounting prey like a dumb rodeo clown while getting every bone in their stubby bodies broken on the ride].

A nerd does not go to war. Nerds are fat, autistic, transparent losers who can't waddle out of a chair without taking mountain dew and stale nachoes wherever they are going. Hitler was about as much a nerd as you are sapiens. He was never someone to just sit and wait for something to happen. A good example of Nietzsche's √úbermensch in action.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

Hitler never went to war. He was dragged into duty by the German Army corps who had to hunt him down at his brother Aleph's apartment in England and threaten him with hanging to get him to return to Germany. He was a physical coward who was given a job as messenger because he was regarded as an unstable draft dodger who could not be trusted in a real position of responsibility. The only person he ever managed to personally kill was himself. Hitler got other people to fight in his place.

Neanderthals have no respect for such men. I can see he is a hero to you but maybe he is the hero you deserve. I wouldn't clean my boots off on that nerds forehead.

Me and all my ancestors fought in every single war of the past 300 years going back to the Indian wars, the Civil War and everything that came after it. We wouldn't piss on a desk jockey like Adolph Hitler if he caught fire. Face it, he was a little man who was a hero to little men worldwide ever since. Every little man that has dreamed of being a big shot pimp dictator has adored Hitler because Adolph proved even the weakest little man can dream.

Tell the truth. Were you ever a soldier? No? Yet you admire another man urging others to fight each other. Think about that. You're a lounge chair fantasy general.

My father told me to never trust a man who has never held a day job and Adolph Hitler is at the top of that list.

Dan Crab said...

"We wouldn't piss on a desk jockey like Adolph Hitler if he caught fire. Face it, he was a little man who was a hero to little men worldwide ever since. Every little man that has dreamed of being a big shot pimp dictator has adored Hitler because Adolph proved even the weakest little man can dream."

I never said Hitler was a hero. Just presenting the facts about his person. I can see you are taking things too personal.

"Tell the truth. Were you ever a soldier? No? Yet you admire another man urging others to fight each other. Think about that. You're a lounge chair fantasy general."

Never claimed that, just your paranoia at work. I am smart enough to never join any military. Life is too precious. I leave the opportunity for those who are too stupid to realise the danger on the battlefield. Anyone dumb enough to enlist for a death warrant deserves to be shot to the head.

Edwin White said...

I wandered on to this site by accident and have checked up on it now and again as it's rather entertaining (I do not believe 90% of what Texas Arcane says, but the idea that Asperger's relates to Neanderthals is something I heard in a college class and therefore thought I would follow up on). Here's an idea I had though, there are quotes from many of those around Hitler who said even after the war that he was a military genius (Leon Degrelle and Karl Doenitz both said this). But some such as Spear, who was a gifted man in his own right, hated him.

So maybe people with Asperger's really do have Neanderthal traits and they instinctively dislike people such as Hitler? To be absolutely honest with you this is my personality: I am an extrovert, with a high IQ, I have never found women to be intimidating, I also am a talented public speaker who has won nearly every debate in school and college that I have been in. Speaking in front of a crowd feels exhilarating. But the truth is that I am often frustrated by people such as Texas Arcane (I mean no offense, just being honest).

I have had many people tell me that I am a natural leader, but if you put one man with "that personality" (this is what I mentally call it) in a room full of otherwise regular people, it will become difficult to move forward because people with this personality just don't "get it." It's hard to describe but I've always been able to notice people such as Texas Arcane and they have never once seemed like people who understand exactly how things are supposed to work in social situations. I am not being insulting, I am being honest. Leading a large team with them is difficult because every damn time you propose something you hear "but why not do this? This is 4% better in this category..." They really don't seem to understand that it is sometimes more important to keep people focused than to try to make things perfect. The issue is that when they go around questioning every little detail the regular team members begin to lose direction.

And the truth is that as somebody who does care about Western civilization, if these Asperger's people were to segregate themselves off from us or perhaps assimilate in with East Asians (who they seem to respect more than many of our Western historical figures); it should not be considered a loss. We will become stronger and more unified than ever before without such personalities dividing us. Fortunately as people become freer to choose who they marry, people with "that personality" will intermarry with each other more and over time they will concentrate their "unique" traits and we will be able to notice them. Once they are seen not as an in group but an out group the issue will be solved shortly.

Thank You for Your Time,


Groggard said...

@ Dan Crab

There's plenty of pale spaniards especially in the north. They are literally celtic people who got invaded by romans and then north africans. The UK and germany are celtcs who got invaded by nordic peoples. The genetic difference is very minor, but dark genes are dominant.

For thousandth time on this blog, eskimos don't come from the arctic! They are relative newcomers that only got there in historic times.

Neanderthals had red hair genes. They had an MC1R gene similar to redheads today. It doesn't get any paler than that. Some of them also had light eye genes. This is probably the source of these genes in human populations as well!

Groggard said...

@ njartist - not for a hard H sound.

Dan Crab said...


I know that eskimos went to places like Canada, Alaska, and Greenland in historic times. However, before that they lived in another frigid place: Siberia. Arguably a colder place than most of their current territory.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

… but you didn't know the Eskimo was formed in the tropics and only lived in cold climates later for much smaller time frames. The Eskimos are not Neanderthals and look how different their character is from that of others with such a short time in the cold, contrast with a million years.

Dan, you are from junior league thinking you can play in the majors because you know how to use Google Search. Go back to the dugout and practice swinging a bat for a couple of years.

Texas Arcane said...

@Edwin White

Solved shortly, then?

It's been tried before, Saps.

If you want to exterminate the Neanderthal, take a number and get in line to wait your turn with everybody else. We Neanderthals understand you've only had 100,000 years to wipe us out. Keep trying hard.

I got some bad new, Saps.

Here's yet another thing you stink at.

In case you have not guessed yet, the Neanderthals have dressed most of Earth's previous frozen hominids in little jackets and stuck them in their front yards as lawn jockeys for the past million years. We put little lanterns in their outstretched hands and they make for terrific conversation starters when relatives come over. We won't miss you when you're gone.

Saps would not last a week without the 'Thal. It is like a tick dreaming of life away from his dog. Anyplace Saps goes turns into LORD OF THE FLIES very quickly without 'Thals around to moderate their madness.

Texas Arcane said...

@Edwin White

I clicked through to your YouTube account. Another guy who dreams of stomping around in knee-high jackboots with the other morons.

The funniest part of all is seeing that "Nordic" look you worship which you think is Cro-Magnon and knowing it is Denisovian/Amud features you are actually in gay love with. Self-parody. Bears of little brain, the Cro-Fagnons. You are not the race of dreamers and deeply reflective people who painted those caves in Europe and solve problems.

Take off your shoe and look at your foot, Edwin. Why is your second toe smaller than your big toe, Edwin? Because you are from a race that never stood its ground, never stayed in one place and never had to solve a problem or build something stable. How could civilisation ever arise from creatures who were nomads and masters of the hit and run scavenger raid? You don't need a pivotal toe because you are not descended from a warrior race that stands its ground and fights for its home. The Neanderthal didn't just run away from his problems like you did.

Cro-Fagnons would screech "Run Away!" for 40,000 years like Monty Python players and all just take off to the next cannibal rape village assault fest. Cromags were never thinkers, much less deep thinkers. That foot is designed for traveling, not staying put.

Dan Crab said...

This Greek foot thing is actually something that both my dad and granddad have. Does that make them neanderthals? Or just sapiens with Greek feet? If neanderthal, does that make me a hybrid? I don't think so.

Sam said...

Dan Crab is right about many things he says and Tex is wrong. Tex is very smart. Much smarter than me but is mentally fixated on Sapiens being some kind of bogey man.

I think the Neanderthals were smart but from what I've read most of the skeletons have lots and lots of fractures. I believe they were brutes. Maybe I'm wrong and them being brutes is all lies but it's what I've seen and can I can only go by what information I have. I also look at the Jews and they look exactly like Neanderthals. The Jews as far as I'm concerned are a tribe of psychopaths and are the worst group of humans on the planet. Tex says they are some "different" group that crossed with melonheads but all I see is the Jews look like neanderthals. Telling me I'm stupid and haven't read the right things doesn't persuade me from what I see with my own eyes. I've been reading Tex since the beginning and I've never seen any documentation to back up a lot of what he says. Not that I'm saying everything he says is wrong. I just have problems with the all Sapiens are evil and I don't believe Neanderthals are angels on earth.

I'm not sure why Sapiens are supposed to be so evil. Before the Jews came America was a fairly successful country and hardly a raving maniacal ghetto (outside of Black areas). The Scandinavian countries were also hardly filled with mass rapist serial killers. If Sapiens are so bad why does everyone want to move where they live?

Hitler made mistakes but a lot of them couldn't be helped. Germany is just in a bad spot. They needed room to expand but were hemmed in by powerful neighbors. He HAD to invade Russia. There was extremely good information that Stalin was going to invade Germany in two weeks. Hitler beat him to it. Read the books by Victor Suvorov. Especially "The Chief Culprit: Stalin's Grand Design to Start World War II". His generals didn't follow his directions in the Russian war. He wanted to nail down the resource base and the oil fields. Probably the most damning thing in the war against Russia was Goering assured Hitler that he could supply the troops at Stalingrad even though he couldn't(According to Irving). We don't know what Hitler would have done if Goering hadn't have lied to him. Probably retreated and firmed up the resources. Anyways it sunk them and they never recovered.

I think several decisions he made, while bad, were just forced upon him. He could be aggressive and attack or wait and eventually be attacked. Most people who admire him do so because he fought the Jews and made an effort to help the working class instead of just the rich. I admire those things about him. I think his "master race" stuff was a bad idea. I'm White and like Whites but we have our own faults like everyone else. I'm also a WN and see no reason not to be. It seems perfectly reasonable that White people have a safe home for ourselves like other races. WN has been distorted, mostly by the Jews and leftist, to be ONLY about White supremacy. This is of course bullshit and inaccurate. WN is more about liking Whites and not letting others define us or encroach on our territories.

Texas Arcane said...


Reading what you wrote, you can see how the instant you introduce any complexity, you shake your head like a dog trying to get a bee out of his ear and grasp for the simplest possible explanation that will relieve you of the need to think about it much more.

Do you know the real paper trail on those "Jews" you are talking about? Because despite trying really hard to cover it up, they left a very big grease trail behind them to their origins. They didn't start out as "Jews."

Here is who they really are :

Deposed Sumerian Ruling Class in Exile -> Hyksos Invaders in Egypt -> Scythian Raiders -> Khazar Converts -> Ashkenazi.

With all your supposed capacity to reflect, don't you ever wonder where all these marvellous instincts they have came from? Too hard, let's just think in cartoon pictures and have a beer. I'm not like you, you got that part right.

Their last names worldwide in those rare cases they have not changed them refer to Sargon, Serpent Rulers, Exiled children of the Serpent Priests, Akkadian Deities and Demons … over and over again. It was said when the slave revolts were seeking their blood in Sumeria they escaped by disguising themselves as priests. Remember that, it will come in handy.

They had snake statues in Egypt when they ruled there. The Egyptians were flabbergasted by them and could barely see them because they merged in and out of their own opposition.

They had snake statues on their ships and at their ports as Scythians and had all kinds of obvious culture that came straight from the Hyksos when they were driven out of Egypt.

The Khazars had so many snake statues in Khazaria it was said you could stand on one and see another anywhere in the country. They had snake armor, snake shields, snake faces and hissed going into battle. They were rumoured to have incredible powers of mind control and could turn their opponents against each other with a few words in battle. Knights who fought them (they were lousy warriors) actually poured candle wax into their ears before the battles because of this danger that was said to be present in their speech. When Khazaria turned into a death trap with enemies on all sides, they changed religions to escape again feigning a priesthood.

They are often accused of being a blend of all the worst caucasians in Europe and that is pretty accurate. Melonhead ruling class, Neanderthal palace guards, Serpent cults and all the people who never had day jobs in Europe pretty much describes them to a tee in terms of makeup. The Hebrew admixture is minuscule compared to all the other Haplogroups they have accumulated. Whereas Sephardics clearly go back to the Middle East, the evidence is that the Sumerians were from completely different bloodlines they share with people like Al Gore and Prince Charles that go back tens of thousands of years beforehand.

All you see is the label they told you that they are. If they're too stupid to be your rulers then how come you so readily accept their definition of the argument and make your case using the narrow terms and assertions they say are kosher to discuss it? Whether you realize it or not, you look like their property. Maybe they are just trying you put you back in your stable where they feel you belong.

The Neanderthal sees, feels, observes and thinks much much more deeply than your kind ever will. I am not surprised that their Neanderthal admixture lends them all kinds of superpowers your kind don't have. At the end of the day, they are not Neanderthals. Amongst other things, their heads don't look like ours at all. They are pharaonics mixed with nephilim (mentioned as royal guards in four different mythological traditions and languages) and anybody else in Europe who was a rotten outcast bastard. Don't try to pin them on us because their heads look like Mousterians sometimes.

Texas Arcane said...


… and if lots of micro fractures make you a brute, I'd be the biggest one of all.

One of the reasons I blocked with my face when I was boxing in the Army is because I could. Most people pointed out that if anybody else got punched like that, they'd simply fall down and the fight would be over.

The reasons that Neanderthal wrestled with cave bears and punched out sabre tooths is because they are strong enough to do so and have such remarkable powers of recuperation they heal rapidly from any damage they incurred.

Thousands of years of relying upon superhuman strength put them in deep, deep trouble when they came across a race of cowards who vastly outnumbered, never fought at close quarters and killed them at a distance with spears. The Neanderthal could not have seen that coming, since his superhuman strength had formerly been sufficient to overcome creatures like Homo Giganticus. That put him on the defensive for the first time in his evolutionary history.

If you're saying being big, strong and indifferent to impacts that would kill a Homo Sapiens makes you a brute, I'd be the biggest one of all. Yet I hate football and think it is gay as Mardi Gras. Go figure.

Dan Crab said...

"The Khazars had so many snake statues in Khazaria it was said you could stand on one and see another anywhere in the country. They had snake armor, snake shields, snake faces and hissed going into battle."

I tried looking for any evidence of what you are saying but I could not find a single iota of a snake "Khazar statue". I typed "Khazar statues" and got this:
Tried to find a Scythian statue of a snake, got this:,1212433832,5/stock-photo-ancient-scythian-megalithic-statue-13306495.jpg

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

I gather that if you don't find it on the first page of a Google search, it is like it must not exist for you.

Dan, I don't know who told your parents you had Aspergers. They do that a lot nowadays to soften the news. It is a handy generic word to use in place of "severely retarded."

I think you're just autistic, period.

Texas Arcane said...


Here's another one of those incredible unsolved mysteries of history that we should all stop thinking about …

There's this crazy weird coincidence you won't believe. Right around the time the snake worshipping Scythians mysteriously vanished into thin air, another race of snake worshipping people mysteriously dressed the same way with the same customs, same reputation for sadism and cruelty and same problems (everybody else thought they were monsters from hell) appeared in Khazaria in Europe out of thin air! They even cut themselves for the dead as the Scythians did! Whoodathunkit!

This is even stranger than when that guy Issur Danielovitch vanished from New York City and a new guy named "Kirk Douglas" appeared in Hollywood who looked just like him! If you didn't know better you'd think these guys were non-stop changing their names and using aliases all the time!

Edwin White said...

Mr. Arcane,

1. Well... Knee high jackboots are sexy so of course we want to wear them (I would love to wear a cape too, but unfortunately that's just too over the top these days).

2. I never said that we should exterminate people with Asperger's or Neanderthal traits. I have just come to realize that by weeding people with those traits out of WN circles (a lot of them become interested in WN, then move on after 6 months); we will have a chance to become far stronger because our unity will not be constantly divided and eroded. Why do I read your site? Because I want to understand how you think, as it honestly seems pertinent to me to understand how people with your traits look at the world.

3. I don't worship Nordic traits nor am I gay.

4. I never claimed we made the cave paintings in Europe for one simple reason: genetic evidence has shown that the Neolithic people who made them (like that body they found in Spain recently), were mostly wiped out by the Indo-Europeans when we invaded Europe. Indo-European is just a pc term for Aryan.

5. Yes, my second toe is smaller than my big toe, but that is pretty common so not a hard guess to gander.

6. I invite you to watch all of my YouTube videos and discount anything I have said. I also would like to know why you think I'm an immoral person when I am the one making videos talking about how European women are being raped by Muslims. It takes a noble hearted man to stand up for women he has never met against fiends who would gladly kill him for doing so. People can send private messages over YouTube, and if you think Nationalists are not threatened by these people then you have not studied this movement.

7. For all those reading this, I challenge Texas Arcane to answer this question which will prove why we need to keep people like him out of WN / NS circles: if a non-White (say a Hawaiian) who has extremely strong "Neanderthal traits" wanted to immigrate to your land, would you be personally fine with it? Would you rather have a non-White Asian man with heavy "Neanderthal traits" as your neighbor than someone like me, who most people describe as likeable and charming and also someone who is trying to win over Whites to our side?

Texas Arcane said...

@Edwin White

Good question, Edwin.

As long as the discretionary power remains completely in the hands of the host nation, I would answer that there would always be some leeway to accept immigration from other races of people when the case is always considered individually, not as part of a larger notion like a quota or ratio. The reason you don't think that would be a good idea is that you don't know enough about how the world works. You also don't know that scattered throughout the triumphal history of the West, we have tons of outliers who made really important contributions to our civilisation who may not have been white but were absolutely Westerners. Some of these men were swarthy, some were Pontics or Franks or did not fit perfectly inside your Nordic gay slim-boned swayback ideal. If we had been as judgemental as the ranks of nerds in white nationalism we would have not had these people at critical moments in history.

Multiculturalism is the biggest load of rubbish in mankind's history. If your ideology means you might not accept Dwayne Johnson or even consider allowing him to immigrate you'd be missing out on one hell of a man.

Von Braun offered his profuse policies to some of the brilliant Italian scientists who were forced to work with him in the slave labor program on the V-2. He told them he was not much better off than they were. Some of these Italians were dark skinned or in some cases did not have Hitler's classic ideal features of the Nordic (Cro-Fagnon) male. Von Braun already knew of their work because he had read it and had deep admiration for them, knowing them to be his equals in many ways. He told them they had his deepest respect and never discounted them because they did not look exactly like him.

Your White Nationalist nation will conduct its first purge on people like me. (When I was a little slimmer I have zero doubt I could pass for Von Braun in 1964 and walk right through the front gate at Cape Kennedy) They will purge all the genius from their ranks or else have to enslave them. The white leaders would rapidly discover that all the really effective men, the best men like Von Braun, had been deported in the last purge, leaving them with a lot of sweet-faced, obedient, highly regimented white people clustered around an IQ of 110. You would literally be in the exact same boat as the Jews, bright enough to appreciate your own mediocrity but not bright enough to do anything about it. There would be no end of central committees and dictators with emergency programs and the place would soon be a sh*tty, violent third world hellhole not much better than any black ghetto in South Central.

Without Neanderthals, nobody goes anywhere. We're invisible until we are absent, at which time it suddenly hits you everything is breaking down and there doesn't seem to be anyone left who knows how to fix it.

The people you call Jews get any good qualities they have because of their admixture with us, not the other way around. We are the good guys, we have always been the good guys and we will always be the good guys. The fact that some of us become master con men or vicious crims is the exception that proves the rule, not the rule. If you had any idea of what our lives were like you'd know why that is. We are the ones who keep the world running.

I can appreciate your childlike naiveté for what it is but I am afraid Edwin that you and your White Nationalist friends have failed to grasp something so fundamental to your success it goes a long way towards explaining why you never seem to get any traction. It is great that you appeal to the 90% of whites who make us such a law abiding society. Unfortunately your dichotomy precludes the remaining 10% Neanderthal geniuses who are the only reason you don't live in mud huts and eat your meat raw.

Texas Arcane said...


I often tell my children that the millennium of the Dark Ages is a perfect example of an all-white society run by a white theocratic military regime where Neanderthal geniuses were heavily suppressed. Your white nationalist dreamworld utopia already existed, it was run from the Vatican.

It wasn't until the Black Plague killed off 3/4s of those wonderful whites that the boot came off the neck of the 'Thal and we had the Renaissance and Enlightenment. It all started when a village idiot troublemaker literal minded retarded Neanderthal named Martin Luther marched down to the door of his local church and pounded a letter up there stating the Catholic Church was b*llshit.

This is the reason you and I are corresponding on the Internet right now.

Texas Arcane said...


… and I realized I didn't answer your last question.

No, Edwin, if I had to choose between a white neighbour who was an apologist for Adolph Hitler who spent all his time promoting the fact he was white (congratulations! It's a wonderful accomplishment) as his chief virtue, I would much prefer many of the Islanders I have known. You are probably unaware a lot of the island people traditionally have lower crime rates than western societies and are safer to live around than a guy like yourself who sleeps all day and at night you see his silouhette on the curtains marching back and forth saluting the Fuhuhr and talking to himself until the wee hours of the morning.

Did you know that when your hero Adolph stayed at the Mannheim Men's shelter, he would pace in the showers until early dawn screaming, gesturing and arguing with himself? The other hundred men who were eyewitnesses would often have to grab his chicken-necked ass and throw him into his bunk and threaten to beat him flat if he got up again. Hundreds of men interviewed by Willilam Shirer for his book. Hundreds of men with nothing to gain or lose by it, many of them living on the streets and never heard from again, tape recorded by William Shirer a few months after the war was over.

Edwin White said...

Thanks for your replies,

You seem to be implying that one has to be a Neanderthal to have a high IQ. I have scored in the genius range on IQ tests and my GRE scores back this up as well. I assure you that even though people like you have created many tech advancements, I would not be living in a mud hut under any circumstances.

As for the Dark Ages / Middle Ages: Have you ever read about the history of the Serbian Empire? In the 14th century it was one of the most powerful nations in all of Europe. The country became centralized, wealthy, and had an 80,000 man army (massive for the time). But how many Serbs have Neanderthal traits? I've never once met a Serb with Asperger's. They traditionally have been the leaders of the Balkan peninsula and had the most industrialized nation in the region until being bombed by NATO.

Next, you imply that I am a creep. Yet you have never met me. This is why many people get frustrated with people who have Asperger's (I am not mad at you for this, but many would be). You create assumptions and throw casual insults around without any evidence. I am actually a very charming man and can make almost anyone like me. The reason I seem a bit more blunt right now, is because I am not trying to win you over. And I assure you that if I was your neighbor I would never be a danger to you. If I ever meet you in person, I will treat you with respect.

Finally and most importantly, the reason I am writing this is to point something out to all of the nationalists who stumble across your site (there's quite a few): I do not hate people with Asperger's but I recognize that they do have a medical condition which causes them to think in a unique ay and we should therefore not focus on winning them over to our cause. Many such as Texas Arcane do not want to be part of our nationalist movements (correct me if I am wrong) and would be happier being left alone to do their own thing.


Side note: I never said Hitler was my hero. Just because I point out in my videos that "Nazi hunting" has become ridiculous and I make a sarcastic joke about jack boots and capes does not mean that I am a neo-Nazi.

Texas Arcane said...

@Edwin White

I am sure with your genius IQ you are aware of the double-blind international studies that have shown ALL MEANINGFUL WORK in corporations is accomplished by people like contractors, transients, interns, fixed rate fixed term temporaries.

This has been verified in over 5000 corporations nationwide in America. It was also been verified in Australia, England, the UK and most of Europe. ALL MEANINGFUL WORK.

What do you think those complacent white people are doing 12 months out of the year? They are going through the motions of life. They are having meetings and making resolutions and long discussions and emergency planning sessions and finally panic filled shouting matches.

Then, finally somebody gives up and says, "I think … we may need to ask the boss for some money to … hire somebody … you know … a "specialist" of some sort," (entire office is filled with degrees and certificates claiming the permanent employees are in fact these very specialists of the kind required) and that person comes in and hopefully achieves something in the last few hours of the schedule that allows the other 99 permanents in that office to convince the boss they should keep their jobs until the next crisis.

When their luck finally runs out, the company falls apart, is sold or goes bankrupt. It's a classic cycle.

Bill Gates had pointed out that when companies are desperate enough they will resort to extreme measures like hiring competent people. During the good times, they don't want to know these people.

Neanderthals create the illusion that your "white" societies actually work. They don't. I don't know about a 14th century village in Serbia but a modern civilisation cannot be sustained for any length of time without a constant never-ending supply of Neanderthal contractors in all the professions. The fact is, in many ways, your white society is as big a fraud and snake oil sideshow as that of Jews in Israel. It's all performance art, smoke and mirrors, testimonials, charismatic presentations and outright lies.

You admitted yourself your gifts lie in persuasion. I already knew that. Like Jewish people, you rely upon your social engineering skills to get you through life. You sir may have high "intelligence" but you cannot solve real problems. For that, you need Neanderthals.

We'd love nothing better than to break off and form our own civilisation once again. I am sure it has been tried in the last 40,000 years since our genocide. It is you who won't walk away from us. You're always insisting Jews won't leave you in peace but the truth is they are the same as you only smarter. They recognise this place as the place where all the Neanderthals are. Like you, they are not going to walk away from a situation easily exploited for their own benefit. You don't know it but you have an extraordinary amount in common with them. Like them, you have a narrative … but it doesn't seem to work unless you have a Neanderthal standing somewhere close by, like Hans the Mathematical Horse.

Groggard said...

I have seen some of stuff about khazars etc.

Khazars and Illyrians (who took over roman empire as immigrants) were both snake worshipers. So were many others going on and on back in time.

That is the biggest "hmm" realization that Tex has provided to me though I still can't swallow it all. Even if I wanted to I just don't have the time.