Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fun With Fiat Currency

The old cycle is back, as the Copybooks promised.

Man is not a learning animal.

That poor Saps keeps repeating the same behaviours over thousands upon thousands of years, again and again and again … always expecting different results. A universal definition of insanity.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Those Rotten Scythians Again

They were proud of killing children when they got home from a war.

Bad, bad, bad, bad people. Hyksos->Scythians->Khazars. A rotten bunch from day one.

The Scythian dope fiends left their wives at home for a couple decades and were shocked when they got back to discover their women may have sought comfort with other men while they were gone, their slaves in fact. This is pretty classic human sexuality at work - leave a healthy woman alone for 20 or 30 years and they may get lonely.

When the Scythians got back they killed the bastard children of these unions. A little bit too cold if you ask me. Kind of something missing there. The children did nothing but be born. Too similar to primates in slaying the offspring of other males.

There are also rumours about human sacrifice amongst the Scythians. Each day it sounds like there may be increasing evidence of a link to the Carthaginians here somewhere because it turns out after 2000 years of mystery they were a bunch of complete assholes as well.

Another mysterious pattern emerges once you start to know all the facts.

The worst Caucasians in Europe have had a longstanding habit of interbreeding with other rejects, pariahs and monstrous criminal nations. They seem to mix frequently over and over again, always the end product getting progressively worse.

One of the things that all these different groups had in common was that they worshipped serpents. They also largely survived through predatorial patterns on other people. They had rich fertile soils they didn't till. They had plenty of land. They didn't use any of it. They'd either try to charge tariffs to cross it or else let it lie fallow. Like gypsies, they mainly seemed to be interested in going outside their own borders and starting trouble or stealing from other countries. They were never happy in their own backyard for long. The grass always seemed greener to them on the other side of the fence. Happiness for them was going and taking something away somewhere else from somebody else.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Blue Screen of Death Civilization - Hard Reboot Approaching

The improvamentation is now peaking.

It's never been so improvamented as it is now.

Don't panic. God has got a top-level staff of crack technology experts working on crisis management and recovery for this kind of data loss. Everything is backed up in a secure location. The fuel-air bomb from the sky has been trialed previously in Sodom and Gomorrah and is totally safe for use around humans as long as they don't look back at it - at which time they will be turned into a pillar of salt.

P.S. Hey, I was just thinking, what if God has gotten the bad rap all these years when in fact the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was just a tragic side-effect caused by a really big gay pride parade in that city gone horribly wrong? Needs more floating aerosolized magnesium powder to make the fireworks memorable. You can just see the guy grinding to the "Macho Man" tune from the Village People going down Sodom on the big parade float, signalling to the fireworks people it's time to start the display. "Everybody hold your solidarity lighters overhead! Here comes the rainbow! It is going to be totally awesome, fellas!" You can say that again.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Most Vaccines Don't Work. At All.

If you read each one of these stories about a measles scare, you get to the part where the carrier was recently "vaccinated" and it caused - not prevented - measles. Caused. Not prevented.

Black people riot over some thug shot by a cop who exhausted every other means to arrest him but completely fail to realize when white "doctors" knowingly inject their kids with a vaccine seven times more likely to cause complications in their children. Wait, it gets worse. They were injecting black kids with an experimental measles vaccine without notifying the parents beforehand or getting their permission and telling them their symptoms had nothing to do with the vaccine after they developed. They told me the same thing when my son had a reaction to the MMR. This stuff starts to sound like testimony from Nuremberg at some point about Dr. Mengele's cold water research lab.

If a city got burned down, you'd expect it to get burned down over something like that. Instead they riot over routine police work.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Beautiful Visionary Architecture By Lazlo in 1950's

Our ancestors were some brilliant people. Modern people are human bonsai trees by comparison.

They were thinking ahead in terms of survival of the civilisation 100 years ... 500 years out.

They knew a civilization that lives as if it is in threat of destruction stays sober and retains the martial virtues. If you built underground to start with you'd soon have most of your infrastructure there and it would become a common use of real estate which modern people are just rediscovering today.

Work continues when your office is belowground. Rain and storms don't affect you. Society continues in conditions that would bring ours to its knees instantly. After a while, a limited nuclear attack might be no more significant than a surprise tornado. It would be something you hear about but doesn't affect you.

Most important of all, a civilisation of hardened structures and hardened people which is completely self-sufficient from block to block has no need whatsoever of global governance. None at all.

That simply wouldn't do. So these plans were mocked and sneered at until they were abandoned.

Instead of this bright chrome atomic future of super healthy indestructible people, instead we got this society … which made gay marriage legal in all fifty states today.

Oswald Spengler was right. A civilisation not moving forward with a martial frame of mind will immediately start to degenerate. There is no middle ground. Forwards or backwards … to our world, today.

I don't know if it is true or not but I'd like to believe if America had just 10% more Neanderthals than it had in 1955, this future by Lazlo is the one we would have gotten. No creature on Earth ever loved subterranean spaces more than the Neanderthal people. It is because they are smart enough to know they ensure the survival of all of us.

Spawn of Cthulhu

Good old H.P.L. ... sometimes I really wish he had survived as long as Robert Bloch and many others in his circle of friends.

It would have been amazing to hear his take on developments in science, astrophysics and general cosmology. I am sure he would have done his best work as he got older. All we are left with is many fragments and a constant whisper of genius in everything he wrote, always tantalizingly close to being perfect in his own unique way.

I imagine some alternate reality where the entire mass media crowded his front lawn in Florida to get a public statement from the ninety-year-old Lovecraft on the deep sea "bloop" the Navy picked up a couple of years back. He would have smiled and said, "You guys thought I was making it all up. Well, I tried to warn you. He's rising like I said. I for one welcome our new ghastly non-euclidean overlords and hope they will consider my services as an ambassador."

P.S. After I posted this I had a sudden burst of inspiration. Why has Lovecraft enjoyed such a resurgence in recent years? The truth is, the reign of Cthulhu and his blood volcano and soul harvesting tentacle clouds over a nightmarish landscape of madness and eerie monoliths out of an M.C. Escher painting seem like tame stuff compared to the world that they are preparing for us with global government. A lot of people feel subconsciously that Cthulhu's political ideology may be the sane alternative.


Bionic Lens - Quantum Leap In Corrective Lens Technology

Pretty amazing sounding hype is accumulating for this device. If it worked it would change a great deal in the world.

This and regrowing teeth may be some of the earliest body repair technology available to the public, hopefully in the very near future. It would be great to survive the apocalypse with perfect vision and brand new teeth.

Terminal Madness of the End-Times : Series B Retrospective

If they missed 95% of all the deadly weapons, how much of a real threat do you think there was to begin with? Was any of all that even remotely justified? Billions spent on machines to look at millions of naked bodies while setting you up for bone cancer?

Do you suspect that there is no such thing as "Al Qaeda?" The government just released documents showing they funded, staffed and armed a fake organisation they named "ISIS?"

Do you think that real Middle Eastern radicals would name one of their organisations "The Toilet" in arabic and the other after a pagan Mesopotamian queen of demons?

It's not just all fake. It's all really badly faked.

Some of the people, you can fool all of the time.

The freedom, she is long gone. Ay Caramba.

People who think they are free always ask how 17 Bolshevists could take over Russia and turn it into an armed death camp for 80 years in 1917. Yet the Americans slept right through a similar takeover of their own nation without anyone really even noticing.

You are free to do what people mostly clustered in mid-range IQs famously associated with gross incompetency at everything decide is best for you. Because if somebody is a tiny bit smarter than average, that qualifies them to be emperors. That's not me talking, that's scienmagistics bro.

Hey, what's the difference between Mexican police hijacking cars and stealing the occupants blind and "civil forfeiture?" In Mexico after they are done raping the female passengers they drive everybody in the car to a remote location in the desert and force you to dance the mariachi while digging your own grave with a garden spade. I read an account by one woman who survived three bullets in the head where the police got aroused watching the women dig their own graves and decided to rape them a couple more times before shooting them and pitching them in. Only the police can be trusted with guns. To gang-rape single women driving to work at night and shoot them in the head. That's why we should all put our trust in gubbamint.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cheaper By The Dozen

Opposition "suicides" itself before it can cut into yearly  revenues.

People routinely kill one another or hire other people to do it over conflicts that may involve a few thousand dollars at most. All the time. Every day. When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Cain's children kill people because they can't understand any other way of coping in life with problems.

With the vaccine industry, you are talking about a trillion dollars a year of business. Trillions.

With what these guys spend on an extended lunch break, they can throw a few dollars to somebody they found on Craig's List to have somebody annoying them killed. You're talking chump change, pocket money to these people.

Anybody who seems they might be a credible threat can go up on a roster of people that they label guys we need to remove from the planet that they keep hanging in their offices. The only protection there has ever been is either to be so poor at communicating you never get your point across or else to be a laughable buffoon like Texas Arcane that actually helps discredit your opposition by associating himself with their cause. Everybody else is liable to get whacked at some point. These guys have enough profits from the vaccine industry to pay high quality hitmen to knock off a quarter of the Western population if it preserves their prime margin.

Again, if you're reading this … Texas Arcane helps disinformation succeed because he is so idiotic that merely seeing a viewpoint presented on his site assists you in appearing to be the sane one if you represent the counterpoint. True there. That's why instead of getting whacked, I think I should be getting a monthly check or some kind of stipend for my work here on the Vault-Co blog. Think about it. Speak to management. I take Western Union money orders if they are made out to "bearer" for cash.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

You Don't Say - "Maunder Minimum"

Britain in 20 years according to the original leaked Pentagon Report.
The day is going to come when they will beg for a Maunder Minimum. 

I have a strong suspicion from years of reading on the subject that this is the first 120 year wave at the start of a Grand Minimum. Robert Felix agrees.

Would you believe the analysis that these guys now concede is a certainty when we had the same up on Vault-Co over 12 years ago? We have moved on to better arguments since then. These poor lads in the mass media are just dabbling their toes at the edge of the ocean.

P.S. If the Nobel committee doesn't give Robert Felix and Jim Penman Nobel prizes during my lifetime I figure the whole institution is worthless and should be shut down. It no longer serves any purpose other than political agendas.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Windows NT Embedded Book

I have been eagerly waiting on this book to arrive. Got it tonight.

Okay, imagine Windows NT. Except imagine it like this:

1. Rock solid. Never crashes. Can be set up to write nothing to hard disk except where directed.
2. Minimal installation in 8 megabytes where needed.
3. Fully compliant HTML5 browser with CrazyBrowser installed, can be set to launch VOS Server and browser at startup. VOS can run as a service in the background.
4. Full access to Parallel, Serial and USB devices with cross-platform code.
5. Supports PDF readers and other media viewers that may come in handy for Memex in VOS.
6. All convenient Windows API available including true pre-emptive threading.
7. Fully patched and debugged after two decades of testing in the field.
8. Support for USB, Fat-32 and other peripherals including cheap plug'n'play cameras.
9. Full support for dumb terminals, monochrome display on Hercules cards and ASCII serial keyboards.

Some reports of NT Embedded running for six years uninterrupted in kiosks and public ATMs when configured correctly.

First version of VOS is coming out this year, guaranteed. I am starting to think Microsoft's abandonware is the OS for the Vault of the Future. Honestly.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Maxwell NED - Nuclear Event Detector

I confess this is the first time I have heard about these.

If anybody knows of any surplus electronics supply house that might be able to ship to Australia, please let me know.

I know how to reproduce these with lightning detector circuits but this is apparently hardened against radiation so it could survive in a sensor post aboveground.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Detroit 1920's

Some amazing things can be seen by a man with a keen eye in this single photograph.

The streets are amazingly flat, even and clean. This is a familiar sight in older photographs of cities. It looks like the thoroughfare in Disney's Heritage U.S.A. park.

See the mass transit systems swiftly taking people via trolleys to any part they want to go. No people standing for an hour waiting for dirty diesel buses driven by scowling idiots. Jump on the running board  and show your travel ticket. Back in these days they didn't nickel and dime people, a different color each month and anyone could ride anywhere.

Notice how well dressed and groomed everybody is. Nobody with pants around their knees or teenage moms covered in tattoos to be seen. Women and men in hats outdoors. Attention to personal detail, hygiene and grooming reflecting greater deals of overall conscientiousness. Bet you everybody down there smells like rosewater and lime, too.

Huge amounts of neon signs. City must be beautiful at night. Imagine the electricity demands you are looking at for the trolleys and the neon everywhere. Yet the records clearly show fewer power shortages and brownouts than are common today in most of America. People did their jobs. Things ran on time. The guys who ran the hydroelectric dams did not consider downtime to be acceptable, period.

Look at the art-deco beauty of every single thing in the frame. Nothing appears to be less than meticulously manufactured and crafted with an eye for elegance, soothing symmetry and curved forms. No Bauhaus pillboxes or grotesque jarring architecture to be seen. The whole environment appears customized for its effect on the observer to produce a pleasant harmony in the surroundings. To the left the wide, flat clean concrete piazza with plenty of space for people not as "human resources," but as "personnel" they called those who worked in the city.

This photo was not posed or set up as anything but to document and what is captured here is a surreal beauty in all things that is possibly the most remarkable civilisation that we know of. The ancient Sumerians built their cities to edify the rulers … this one seems to aspire to edify the inhabitants.

When Winnarz Win : A Kwanstainian Adventure

Chickens prepare to return home to roost.

The wild whacky dreamworld of globalism and fiat paper currency was sold through Hollywood and the mass media first to the American people and then to the whole planet which believed the lie because the United States was formerly the freest and most successful country in the history of mankind. People everywhere figured they must know what they are talking about.

The manufacturers of these lies knew they were trading on America's wealth and reputation to spread gibberish that not a single one of the Founding Fathers was ever dumb enough to believe a single tenet of. Without this credibility by association they would have never spread this toxic drivel worldwide.

Engineering total madness in the population. It leaves them completely unfit for any kind of productive work at all.

Success engineers the conditions for its own destruction. Manboons are not a learning animal and all this has happened before. This vicious cycle can never end because Sapiens will never change.

Soros gloats in this article which is essentially extended innuendo for other members of the NWO about how chaotic the entire planet has become. Robert Kaplan was right. Soros knows perfectly well there is not going to be a "partnership" between America and China. The Chinese know there is no room for two tigers on the mountain.

If you're paying attention, you will see that authorities are always encouraging evacuation and migration, the surest ways to end up dying tired. I can't think of a dumber strategy than hitting the open road during a nuclear war but Americans believe all problems can be solved using their cars. The first 100 rads leave you pleasantly nauseous and giddy but when the next 300 rads soak in you'll start to understand what is wrong with this idea.

The wise always packeth thine rice. Get a vault or work on getting one. There are no other options.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Donald Trump is an insider with direct access to conclusions we drew by inference. He might not have figured it out by himself but he has heard it behind closed doors.

Trump confirmed publicly that every single wild assertion we've made on Vault-Co is correct.

The U.S. "nuclear force" is a joke. Half these weapons would never make it off the launchpad.

Those missile defense systems the United States is murmuring about all the time were great technology... back in the late 80's.

The "Star Wars" system that Ronald Reagan hypothesized never came to fruition ... except in Russia.

This is the third World War approaching ... not the second. This one will target civilians, not militaries. More people will die in the first twenty minutes of WW3 than previously died in all wars combined over the past 2000 years.

I will get Vault-OS up in open source this year if it is the last thing I do. I promise. It will help a lot, you'll see. Inventory is going to be the main use for 75% of the people who download it, you'll see it will be an incredibly streamlined system for small shelters and families. I was hooking in the product lookup database last night such that a scan by a CueCat will hopefully automatically identify the product and prepopulate the entry form without touching a button. I am calling this scrolling inventory check-in screen the "Bulk Buster" intended to be used very rapidly on incoming food right from the grocery bag. I do have the CueCat working from a browser, it is a brilliant device no joke. I got the one I am using now for $12 off EBay and it outperforms barcode readers that cost hundreds of dollars.

Commie Agitprop "TomorrowLand" Megabomb

Don't waste your money on this thing. It's absolutely terrible.

I can't understand how somebody can afford to dump nearly 500 million dollars on barefaced politically motivated propaganda. That's some serious ducks down the drain there.

This turkey is in "Howard the Duck" territory. I completely lost interest about 8 minutes into the film after the opening sequence at which point the whole film went nowhere.

As communists often do, pretends to be dismayed at the fact that our optimistic future never arrived, failing to note that the reason we don't live in it is that they deliberately blocked it from happening and called it progressive.

The United States should be powered by cheap, safe, pollution-free nuclear power. Commies kept throwing themselves under trucks and trains until that possibility ended. Our world is a series of blocked initiatives by socialist ratbags for whom envy is the strongest emotion of all, particularly of anybody better than them at anything. The world we live in is the lowest common denominator of progress permitted by Marx's zombies, who believe that a desire to improve your conditions is a sin and that poverty is the only way to prove you have no ulterior motives. Right. Of course, the most influential of them are always millionaires … no doubt the reward of virtue, you see.

Well, now they're 500 million dollars down proving they are better than everybody else because of their extra-special redefinitions of right and wrong. That's a hefty price to pay for vanity.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Three Card Monte Dealers With Stethoscopes

"It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine."

 - Marcia Angell, MD ("Drug Companies and Doctors: A story of Corruption." NY Review of Books, Jan. 15, 2009)

New Madrid Fault Starting Up Again?

Alabama residents have been badly shaken by a series of mysterious earthquakes.

If it went the same time as Yellowstone, that would be an extra-special fun year right there.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Putin Uses Jedi Mind Trick (Truth) On Western Media Stooges

Putin tries to reason with a bunch of schizophrenics who think Russian troops are in Crimea, Russian tanks are in the Ukraine and Russia is attacking civilians.

All anybody can see is American-supplied choppers sending rockets at civilian skyscrapers and soup cafeterias in the middle of a city. No Russians anywhere. Ever. Not even a single one. America has tried to fake some photos already and got caught buying old Russian tanks to place on the border. Exposure in the alternate press led to the claim being immediately withdrawn.

Outsourcing Your Own Extinction

It's like a Monty Python skit where John Cleese continues to blame advancing poverty on the fact you still have some functional manufacturing capacity. "Only by becoming bereft of all means by which you could possibly earn a living will you still be able to prosper under globalism. As long as there is even one job left in the United States we will never profit from the benefits of free trade."

Navy Wants To Throw Meatbags Overboard For Shiny New Crewmen

The Navy is accelerating its AI program to handle every facet of shipboard operations.

The robots will send somebody to wake up the human janitor if they are at an impasse. Otherwise they'll pretty much be conducting the war based on their own silicon judgement. Example : We have sighted some meatbags. Blow them out of the water. Gosh its a great day to be in the Navy if you're made out of tin.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

One Megaton Payload That Can Hit A Dime From 3000 Miles Away

Now that's what I call a proper nuke.

I read about this stuff in the Sunday supplements of 1968. They said all this was going to happen. I'm sure glad I studied them carefully.

94% Scientific Certainty We Are Entering A New Ice Age Based Solely On The Evidence

It is that obvious now.

The question is ... is this a Maunder Minimum ... or a Grand Minimum? We won't have to wait too long to find out.

We have an opinion on this subject here at Vault-Co.

At the start of any Ice Age, freezing to death is often just one of the things you have to worry about.

We christened it "The Apocalypse Trifecta" about fifteen years ago.

Decline In Basic Infrastructure

In 1955 Sydney the mass transportation system was vastly superior to what they have there today.

Modern people are good at long-winded explanations and apologetics. They aren't much good at anything else.

If you read the article you'll see they actually closed down the best parts of the existing infrastructure for simple lack of maintenance and no other reason. They couldn't even organize a guy with a broom to hit it after hours once in a while. Too difficult for such edjamafacated and scienmagistically advanced people. Things that a child could orchestrate fifty years ago are too complex for their extreme super brains. Let's have another meeting.

What My Next Shelter Is Going To Look Like

This is pretty incredible. Really amazing interior.

If you can afford it.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Protecting Cattle From Nuclear War

This was a big priority in Nebraska when I was living there.

Great foresight in seeing how important it was to keep cows safe from fallout and blast effects.

If you were delivering fresh milk to people a week after a nuclear war it would be pretty hard for them to give up and surrender to despair. If you could also provide beef and other dairy products like butter to your local region, you'd be halfway to recovery right there. That instantly gives your neighbours feelings of continuity and the sense they are not on their own.

Funny how this stuff would be far more important today than it ever was in the past and America has forgotten all of it and everything else as well. Kwanstainia is a doomed nation. These old photos are nothing but evidence for archaeologists now. They are proof of an era when the United States could still be taken seriously.

World War Z Rages On : The Daywalkers

The more unstable ones are beginning to snap mentally.

I don't know if you read the clever and gripping WORLD WAR Z by Max Brooks. It is one of the neatest takes I have ever seen on the zombie genre.

Brooks had a chapter dedicated to soldiers reporting the encounters with "quislings." These were sensitive and weak people so driven mad with horror and nervous exhaustion they began to try to fall in with the zombies and came to believe they were zombies. This is actually a common phenomenon seen in R-selected evolutionary coping strategies - defecting to the side that is winning. The soldiers said they were the most violent, savage and cunning of all the opponents, sometimes even more dangerous than the zombies themselves. They were hopelessly insane and efforts after the zombie wars found it was nearly impossible to rehabilitate them.

These people are quislings whose mind has snapped at the strain of the bizarre, hostile polyglot of strangers attacking them from all sides at once on what they believed was safe home territory. Since it is forbidden for them to even show signs of fear, they instead just go nuts and become that which they fear most. It is the only thing that can alleviate their raw terror.

You're going to see a lot more of this, mark my words. One out of two people has the potential to go even crazier than this woman.

Good Article About The Caitlyn Blitz

The real agenda for Caitlyn Jenner.

I don't want to sound arrogant but I didn't need to read this article. I knew all this stuff instinctively before Ms. Jenner came out.

1. I knew Baphomet was a hermaphrodite and this is very important to occult societies - I knew this is why they were making such a big deal out of all this.

2. I knew they had been planning it all for years. Look at that Christmas card. Years in advance.

3. I knew the Kardashians were a manufactured phenomenon established for the purpose of destroying the family.

4. I had seen occult symbolism wrapped into the show when I occasionally watched it just to sit with my wife - like all females, she is utterly hypnotised by this stuff. Utterly in its grip. You dare not speak a word contrary around women who have been watching the show for a while - this is sacred ground you cannot ask about. Even laughing at the recent coverage will enrage them. Eve took the apple from the serpent. They always do it.

5. All corruption of civilisations begins and ends first and foremost with the corruption of the woman and her role in it. Strip her of her role as wife, mother and keeper of the hearth, cheapen her and replace her with a "woman" who is simply a castrated man and then claim it is all one and the same thing.

All this stuff is so clear to me it is like the Illuminati were kind enough to provide subtitles at all times.

If humans could think as a rule, no way would they ever fall for any of this stuff. The urban legend of human "thinking" is folklore up there with people who claim they were abducted by UFOs and anally probed. If you are that one person in a thousand who can think, what could you really do against all this appallingly mindless animal husbandry? Position yourself in front of the slaughterhouse ramp and scream at the cattle not to get on the truck? Imagine how foolish you would look. It is their destiny to get on that truck.

Here are ten things that happened that nobody noticed because they were watching Caitlyn's huge media blitz worldwide :

1- The expiration of the Patriot Act and the passing of the USA Freedom Act which is essentially the Patriot Act on hyperdrive 

2-The story breaking that the FBI have been conducting warrantless surveillance from planes disguised as commercial aircraft. 

3-NBC caught manipulating footage of the shooting of an unarmed college student 

4- Congress passed a measure that would require police departments to report all killings and uses of force 

5- A DHS investigation investigation found that the TSA failed to find 95% of weapons and mock explosives smuggled through airports 

6- A Guantanamo detainee alleged that he was tortured by the CIA using methods worse than previously thought, such as sexual abuse, forced rectal feedings & being hung nude from beams. 

7- Three more banking executives died mysteriously 

8- It was uncovered that a Palm Beach Sheriff's department party on a private golf course included at least one minor and at least one sex worker 

9- An archaeologist in Russia discovered a 2,400 year old artifact containing marijuana and opium 

10- A declassified Pentagon report revealing in plain english that ISIS was created by Western Governments

Friday, June 12, 2015

Russians Build The Tank That Will Win In World War 3

Whilst here in Australia, our military argues over what high heels are permissible for on-duty soldiers, Russian engineers have built a tank straight out of a science fiction film that will be unstoppable in a ground war even in a theatre where tactical nuclear weapons are common.

Australia's military is trying to find a way to keep their diesel-powered submarines from the 1970's running on 286SX computers while Russian research has perfected thought control interfaces.

If detonating a nuclear weapon was a complex affair that could only be accomplished with precise machinery and incredibly advanced technology then it might be ridiculous to suggest this had all happened before, many times. Creating a nuclear weapon is as simple as firing two pieces of refined uranium at each other in a pipe. It is quite easy to imagine ancient nuclear wars that took place in cities built of mud brick where people did not even have flush toilets. Once discovered, the principle of such a weapon would spread quickly and anyone anywhere could construct one with access to uranium stores. It is insight when you realize there is nothing new under the Sun. It is foolishness when you think the dilemmas of your generation are unique to your generation. They never are. All of this has happened before, many, many times. Do you know a lot of us are descended from people who built vaults in the past? Of course we are. This is so our own descendants can survive similar crises in the future. This is why we carry genes that compel us to these habits. To guess at the ancient past, many of us need only look inside at our own character and ask how we came to be that way. We are the children of people who survived previously when many around them said any attempt to survive would be futile. Turns out, they were wrong.

Representative Democracy is a "Procedural Snafu" To Barack Obama

Despite all the politicians doing their very best to ignore the roaring of 300 million constituents, they had to give into their demands from sheer volume and refuse to pass the President's Pro-UN-Colony proclamation that would have turned the United States into a for-profit NWO slave plantation.

The "procedural snafu" was anybody but Barack Obama being able to approve the legislation. Barry Soetoro, I think I found the legal glitch in your plan. It is some dusty old obsolete regulation called "The U.S. Constitution." Tell your NWO buddies to arrange to ditch that first, then their plans can be implemented without any opposition from the actual population of North America.

Vigilant watchdogs in the free media protecting us all from abuses by those in power, as we have come to expect.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

This One I Have Wanted To Post For A While

Was the ISS Space Station Always a Hoax?

You can this watch this video and decide for yourself.

The widespread rumour behind the scenes is that Russia is the only nation left that retains genuine space habitat capability. As anyone who knows who has been there, the Russians keep their space station working with gaffer tape and crazy glue. It's ancient and filled with mold. However, it is real.

There are a lot of people who think that after the second Space Shuttle crashed, America lost the ability to continue to work on it and it's orbit decayed and it may have perished upon re-entry many years back. Just as the United States has gotten into a habit of faking all kinds of achievements it no longer has the capacity for, they began to work with the mass media to create the illusion the ISS was still going strong when in fact, it fell into the ocean over a decade ago. Nowadays the United States is just treading water and trying to continue to project the appearance of a first world power when in fact they are no such thing.

Yeah I know, it is pretty far out. Given that the U.S. lies constantly about nearly everything I wouldn't put it past them just to save face.  It is embarrassing to admit your kids are a bunch of illiterate morons who are not capable of going to the corner to buy meth, much less to outer space.

P.S. Another really important thing just touched on in the video is the basic engineering of sanitation and waste. I've done searches for some details on this stuff many times over the years because of the possible utility in one of my past three shelters. Here's the weird thing … I never found anything but proposed designs for the next space station. Never any details on the current station. Pipe dreams for when America could have the money to begin a new space program. The existing one … nothing specific.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Russia Backswats NWO and Their Custody Kids

The NWO promises but Russia delivers.

That's the power you have when you tell the truth all the time. Everybody else is weak by contrast.

They attempted to bring the smack down on Russia but got the smack dropped on them instead.

Russia's GDP is projected to grow 10% a year for the next ten years. The rest of the planet under the sick and ailing NWO overlords is expecting negative growth forever the way things are looking now. At the end of the day, Putin delivers and his detractors can't offer any of their slaves anything but a world of pain to look forward to. That's why 95% of the Ukraine wanted to escape the clutches of the Rothchilds and flee under the wing of Mother Russia.

Putin is not running the Soviet Union. This country is an economic powerhouse open for business.

It is amazingly obvious that life is really good on the other side of the matrix. Imagine if we could all take the red pill and go to live over there instead of the bleak, dying, scarce world of failure the mass media tells us we're living in.

The Russian people have a leader who puts their interests first, second and third in his priorities. The West has a puppet Pied Piper from Kenya leading the march of fools into the nearest river. Anybody who would take advice from a clown like that deserves what they get. I guess for some people the ultimate horror is always the possibility looming that they might have to think for themselves instead of just following the lead of people who act like they know what they are doing.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Soros Claims Visions of ITZ

When we say it, we're nuts. George Soros should know, since he is instrumental in starting almost all of them.

Melonhead spends entire life destabilising governments to trigger resulting wars -> then despairs of man's warlike nature and his inability to just get along. I don't know how guys like Soros look at themselves in the mirror without bursting out loud laughing at their own bullish*t.

Matt Barber On Early Demolition Preparations For Gomorrah II

Matt Barber will not be widely read, quoted or believed because his words are too rational.

Anything that makes sense nowadays is not welcome in the public sphere. If you are trying to chop off one of your own body parts, be it a leg or something a little dearer, you will find a wide appreciation and no doubt be described as "an hero."

This guy was the greatest "an hero" of them all!

This dude was such a badass he managed to get access to Hitler's inner circle and then kill Adolph Hitler! Where so many others failed, he found the courage to succeed like Caitlyn Jenner.

Veterans Offered To "Buy Back" 2nd Amendment Rights By Surrendering Benefits and Pensions

I couldn't make stuff like this up.

Historically, revolts are always led by veterans who are not scared of the government as much as they are of them. The U.S. government knows this. It also knows it is weak, evil and worthless. Therefore they spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to take arms away from veterans.

To Pass Your Children Through To Moloch

Things like this are the reason my blood boils when people mention doctors. They might as well be commending the merits of Jeffrey Dahmer or Charles Manson to me for treating human beings. They "treat" them alright. The people they can't "treat" end up like the Amish - healthy, wealthy and wise.

They're idiots. Dangerous, cocky, self-assured idiots. Nothing is worse than unhealthy self-esteem. It fuels people with the confidence needed not just to screw up their own lives but billions of other lives as well.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Smithsonian Has Become A Vault Of Secrets

Read this article carefully and you'll see the key piece of evidence was sent to the Smithsonian - and then promptly vanished, never to be photographed or displayed ever again.

That copper coin with two human figures would be the deal breaker ... so they packed it up and put it away where it will never be found. Along with all the forbidden discoveries they are recorded in the history books as receiving from all over North America for 200 years.

I'm sorry if this might be testing your suspension of disbelief so I will describe the exact mechanism of how they were able to stash the bulk of it away forever after the death of John F. Kennedy.

After Kennedy was assassinated, the civil defense program he had funded and set into motion was immediately disbanded. That funding was steered into programs to provide for continuity of government and a popular movement in the sixties to "preserve cultural treasures" after nuclear war. The whole program got twisted around and actually turned into funding for sealed underground tombs where the majority of the most important secret archaeological finds the Smithsonian was sitting on top of were sequestered behind concrete. There are supposedly only a half dozen people left alive in Washington who even know where the entrances are and how to open them - some of them are apparently built clandestinely beneath Washington landmarks.

Here is what I think is the motivation behind all of this skullduggery.

They don't want Americans to see a copper coin dated at 30,000 years B.C. which has a pyramid with an eye at the top of it identical to the one on the dollar bill they use every day. 'Nuff said. As dumb as people are, if they saw all the evidence even the slowest person amongst them would realize that the history they have been taught is all bunkum. Just as scripture told them, the ancient world was ruled by a race of giants with red hair, six fingers, two rows of teeth and melonheads. They ran a worldwide seafaring empire that enforced a common language for at least 12,000 years all over the planet and seemed to be invulnerable until something happened that ended up in mythology as the "Destruction of Atlantis." We may never know what really happened but all these ruling families ended up scattered across the planet and have been butthurt over it ever since. They've been trying to organize their great Tower of Babel again for tens of thousands of years and lately they have been achieving stunning success in working towards this goal. The last thing they need right now is common people viewing their ancestor's bones on a slab or in a glass cabinet and wondering just what in the hell is really going on down here.

I am certain that if these vaults were ever opened we'd find a lot more stuff in them than just surplus from the Smithsonian. We'd probably find all the long skulls from the Island of Malta.

Remember, Neanderthals were here long, long before all of these idiots and we will be here long after they are gone. Their precious worldwide globalist empire and all their kingdoms are just a little jot of time during a little summer breeze called the Holocene. What all of these races have in common, including their slaves, is they are all just dilettantes and flash-in-the-pan try-hards. Neanderthals have slept or dozed during epochs that exceeded all their reign on the planet for the last 40,000 years. We are men and women who are natural features here and the Creator gave us dominion over the earth, his favorites, the Adam, the "man who shows blood in the face." If there were ever a way to describe the Neanderthal it would be the man who shows blood in the face. My buddies in the Army used to say, technically, I wasn't a white man. I was pink. From the mouths of babes.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Terminal Madness of the End Times : Entry #991991919

People, please, I just link to this stuff.

Just imagine me as a dispassionate floating observer like THE WATCHER in Marvel Comic Books. I am only here to observe. I couldn't make this stuff up, I just post it on my little blog. Sometimes we can punish the messenger but he is only a slack-jawed village idiot cutting and pasting a URL. I did not write this article and I am not behind the "transabled" (!?!?!?!?!?) movement. I am merely here to observe and relay.

All governments in the final phases of a decline become the biggest oppressor of their own citizens.

P.S. I have spent hours throwing a concrete block into the air and letting it strike me in the head on the way down in the hopes of becoming severely retarded because I heard retarded men get a lot more action than Aspies. After I went through a couple pallets I finally gave up. No one around me has noted any significant change in my behaviour except somebody said I actually seem more alert now than before.

P.P.S. I am trying to get Entertainment Tonight interested in a reality television series where the crew just follows me around as I seek to drop heavier and heavier objects on my own skull in my quest to become severely retarded. The series climax episode will have me dropping an oil tanker from the top of the Empire State Building grill first while I wait on the sidewalk on an "X" far below. It will be bigger ratings than the end of THE WALKING DEAD season with hundreds of millions of people tuning in to see how retarded I will be after the oil tanker hits me in the head.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Terminal Madness of the End Times : Entry #49839821093

Itz about improvamentation.

Improvamenting proves that improvamentation works. Improvament yourself using edjamafacashun and scienmagistics.

I was thinking about something last night.

How come it is the tenth generation that goes insane?

Why don't civilisations last 3 generations or 75 generations or 267 generations before they all go crazy?

Ten is the number of fingers and toes that humans have. Neanderthals technically have 8 toes and two talons on their feet but that's just nitpicking.

Why is the lifespan of civilisations set exactly to the number of digits on the human hands?

Any more, they'd lose count. Any fewer they would be wasting a couple of fingers.

I just see a melonhead standing over the cloning vat asking his boss, "So what's the time lock for the self-destruct switch set to?" His boss looking over the specification … "It looks like they forgot to write that down in here. We might have to fudge it. What's a good number?" The melonhead tech thinks about it for a moment. "Why not ten generations? They have ten fingers to count each one of them off." His boss nods "Works for me. That's a nice figure. So set their time locks to 200 year intervals, ten generations before they go totally insane and destroy their own societies. I will tell the big boys upstairs if they ask and I think they will agree that's a suitable figure. Any longer and they may do some damage or even escape the planet. Ten is a great number, it suits them. They can only get up to so much trouble in ten generations before they render themselves harmless again."

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fifteen Years Of Groping Grandma Paid Off

In spades.

They hate us for our freedom. Therefore, the only way we can protect our freedoms is to take them all away. We can only continue to enjoy our lives if we crush every opportunity for joy and dignity wherever it presents itself. We are envied for our democracy so when we live in a dictatorship that employs convicted pedophiles at airports to strip search toddlers we will appreciate what we lost in order to become "safe." Everything. Turns out, we were never safer in the least even after all of that.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Vault-Co Nailed It Before Anyone

Started up with this stuff in 2002 almost 14 years ago.

Sounded so crazy back then. So nuts. I wrote about it anyway, just recording my gut instincts on where the technology was going. I got email from people saying they didn't visit the site any longer because they realised I was just a run-of-the-mill madman obsessed with the apocalyptic Terminator movies. They weren't really reading what I wrote.

Imagine what a single madman could do with armies of these robots. Rule the world with a joystick.

They will always announce a series of strict regulations making certain that doesn't happen. It will happen a week later and they will blame human error. That's the problem. Humans make mistakes. Machines don't. Once set in motion, they do the same thing until shut down.

How did I know they would aim for autonomy? The fact is that humans are extraordinarily lazy. After a while, sitting there controlling one of these robots becomes tedious. Such a natural progression to cut 'em loose. It's so easy for the robots to spot viable targets. Giving off body heat in the wrong quadrant. What happens when every quadrant on the planet is marked as the "wrong" quadrant?