Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fifteen Years Of Groping Grandma Paid Off

In spades.

They hate us for our freedom. Therefore, the only way we can protect our freedoms is to take them all away. We can only continue to enjoy our lives if we crush every opportunity for joy and dignity wherever it presents itself. We are envied for our democracy so when we live in a dictatorship that employs convicted pedophiles at airports to strip search toddlers we will appreciate what we lost in order to become "safe." Everything. Turns out, we were never safer in the least even after all of that.


styrac1 said...

When you want a planet of slaves and serfs, where all scientific progress and investment in infrastructure is halted, you throw around myths and lies like overpopulation and climate change to mask with pseudo-scientific jargon your hatred towards human life. Everything they do, everything they say is motivated by the same Luciferian agenda to reverse and go against everything God designed mankind for:

Gen 9:7 "Now be fruitful and multiply, and repopulate the earth."

Luke said...

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