Saturday, June 20, 2015

Detroit 1920's

Some amazing things can be seen by a man with a keen eye in this single photograph.

The streets are amazingly flat, even and clean. This is a familiar sight in older photographs of cities. It looks like the thoroughfare in Disney's Heritage U.S.A. park.

See the mass transit systems swiftly taking people via trolleys to any part they want to go. No people standing for an hour waiting for dirty diesel buses driven by scowling idiots. Jump on the running board  and show your travel ticket. Back in these days they didn't nickel and dime people, a different color each month and anyone could ride anywhere.

Notice how well dressed and groomed everybody is. Nobody with pants around their knees or teenage moms covered in tattoos to be seen. Women and men in hats outdoors. Attention to personal detail, hygiene and grooming reflecting greater deals of overall conscientiousness. Bet you everybody down there smells like rosewater and lime, too.

Huge amounts of neon signs. City must be beautiful at night. Imagine the electricity demands you are looking at for the trolleys and the neon everywhere. Yet the records clearly show fewer power shortages and brownouts than are common today in most of America. People did their jobs. Things ran on time. The guys who ran the hydroelectric dams did not consider downtime to be acceptable, period.

Look at the art-deco beauty of every single thing in the frame. Nothing appears to be less than meticulously manufactured and crafted with an eye for elegance, soothing symmetry and curved forms. No Bauhaus pillboxes or grotesque jarring architecture to be seen. The whole environment appears customized for its effect on the observer to produce a pleasant harmony in the surroundings. To the left the wide, flat clean concrete piazza with plenty of space for people not as "human resources," but as "personnel" they called those who worked in the city.

This photo was not posed or set up as anything but to document and what is captured here is a surreal beauty in all things that is possibly the most remarkable civilisation that we know of. The ancient Sumerians built their cities to edify the rulers … this one seems to aspire to edify the inhabitants.


Luke said...

scipio afircanus said...

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fag head said...

Detroit of today is, as you probably know, is known to be "mainly inhabited by niggers and criminals".
No shit, the Detroit of today has even been used to make post-apocalyptic movies.

Groggard said...

I'd blame globalization more than anything else.

MacD said...

Doesn't look all that different from today!

Texas Arcane said...


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