Wednesday, May 6, 2015

VOS Server HTML Port 65000

UPDATE : Thanks to Vault-Co reader I found out that 65000 is locked on many machines because it is a port often used by demon drivers to get past firewalls. I have noticed port 12 is largely unused and unreserved, the number of the apostles. Might consider that the VOS http port, it is auspicious and close to many basic TCP-IP services. Feedback much appreciated. Your first link in your shelter might be to "localhost:12" or "VOSWEB:12" in a browser.

Decided to grab port 65000 for hosting HTTP server in VOS. Been debugging on it for the past couple of months.

Was interested to know if anybody had any objection or a good reason to use another port. I am getting kind of fond of this one and intend to make it the default port for all HTTP services in VOS.

You could have an impact on future generations right now so if you know any rationale for not using it let me know. As far as I can tell this is a largely unreserved port unused by any other recognized/accepted protocol. It is up in the regions often associated with automation and SCADA systems like BACNet and ModBus on Ethernet. (Will support both if possible in first version)

On any web server connected to a VOS network you'd type in :

"http://localhost:65000" (to surf to your site running on the current machine)

- or -

"http://VOS:65000" (to surf to the listed domain on on the network, could be any static IP)

Really fond of this port number, reminds me of the Commodore 64 a bit. Any feedback, be it anecdotal or otherwise, much appreciated.

P.S. In the course of testing various incarnations of low requirements PCs as VMs I stumbled across this abandonware site for a couple really good embedded versions of good shelter OS starters. Some of this stuff was considered good enough for military use at the time. Crazy browser (fully HTML5 compliant with Websockets) appears to run really well on the embedded version with Unicows. Some basic info here.


automatthew 0062 said...

Anything over 49,152 is explicitly non-reserved, meant for private use, so you're good on that account.

Russell (#0106) said...

According to this site:

"This signature detects a request on port 65000/TCP to a "Devil" backdoor. This indicates an attacker's attempt to control or access a system on your network. There is a high probability that a system on your network is running this backdoor."

Which amuses me.

VOS, a backdoor to sanity.

Texas Arcane said...


Yep. Never knew that.

Not good.

What do you think of port #12? Generally seems to be unused and unreserved.

Russell (#0106) said...

#12 is officially Unassigned

It's easy to remember, too.

The only potential problem is on a *Nix system you'll have to run under superuser privileges to bind on that port.

Texas Arcane said...


Tested on 12. Great port address.

UPNP set up to watch 1900 for multicast. I don't have it finished yet but this is the way all VOS instances running on the network are intended to discover each other with MSEARCH.