Thursday, May 14, 2015

Modern Medicine : Baby Killing Assembly Line

Just one anecdote in a sea of infants sent to Davy Jones locker by wild-eyed cranks with stethoscopes swinging around their necks.

At some point, no matter how slow you are, you'd have to start asking if this is all just a misunderstanding or misplaced confidence. Anybody would start to wonder if this was really just a product of human ignorance and not planned culling of the "useless eaters."

All through the seventies and eighties books were published in truckloads urging governments to stem population growth with stealth measures. Paul Ehrlich and his hordes of eugenicists dominated academics and it was almost a required political orthodoxy for scholars to propound if they wanted to get tenure.

Like most people, you probably would balk at seriously considering an idea like that. The problem is that those same people now occupy all the power positions in government.


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(OT) Denisovans evidently had high-precision rotational drills: