Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jim Penman's Book Is Out And Some Humans Can Read, Apparently

Within certain limits they may even understand what they are reading.

I am not optimistic about the book's impact on anything because it is too important and too significant ... which usually means it will be ignored. That in itself is part of the decline.

I would say that the Nobel Prize committee is completely asleep at the wheel if Jim Penman does not get a Nobel Prize for this book and for his original The Hungry Ape. They demonstrate their complete irrelevance by dismissing it. I read Alfred Nobel's biography. This is the reason he founded that tradition and paid for it to become an international arbiter of things that contribute to the advancement of mankind.

Notice Jim's comment about being shut out of academia for being K-Selected. It is a virtual moratorium on sanity.

I know that the production of obscenely confused leftist madmen is a result of the maladaptive development that precedes the expression of the DRD74A gene and the stem cells for growth of the amygdala. It is terribly ironic and also somehow poetic justice that gang-raping the most K-selected race of humans that has ever existed resulted in mankind being overrun by R-selected lunatics at the end of each civilization. In those rare cases when certain genes for Neanderthal oxygen transfer develop correctly in your genetic makeup, they can leave you with the aerobic capacity of an Olympic decathlete. The other 90% of the time they will leave you an asthmatic wreck. You might call it the revenge of the Neanderthal. Think about that every time you see one of those guys in a tie-dyed pink shirt screaming that capitalism is destroying the earth. It's a bad idea for such disparate peoples to mix. A certain genetic hygiene which appears to operate with a sardonic streak on those unwise enough to attempt to build Babel again.


MycroftJones said...

Dangit Tex, you keep tee-ing me up, I really need to write about the Holy World Order. Also, where can I buy Jim Penman's books? Do I have to contact him directly? What are their titles?

Texas Arcane said...

Check the article. BIOHISTORY is on Amazon and several other bookstores with digital and printed versions.

The Lab Manager said...

He lost me on the carbon tax. He is passionate about limited government but then likes the idea of carbon taxes? Que?!?!

A carbon tax is just another way to pick the pockets of those who still work and will hasten the decline he is worried about.

Texas Arcane said...

@The Lab Manager

Could not believe it when I read Jim saying that in the article.

Takes 5 seconds to debunk that stuff. 5 seconds.

bicebicebice said... Extra Extra! Lol

Edward said...

Those wading through Biohistory should also check out Andrew Lehman's Evolution, Autism and Social Change. It seems to cover a lot of the same ground with regard to epigenetics and cause and effect, but from a different angle. I think that combining these two perspectives will give you a greater insight into what is actually happening. Then it's up to you to decide if the consequences are quite so catastrophic as Penman believes. This time it may turn out differently from Rome, after all we have the science now to explain what is going on.