Sunday, May 10, 2015

Feature #1 On The Cheap, Reusable Vault Suit

A Peltier device on the wrist requiring less than a tenth of an amp adds automatic heating and air conditioning to the suit.

I have always had a plan to build the suit from cheap components available at the hardware store but always had trouble trying to work out a cheap way to cool and heat the suit on very small amounts of energy. I had thought about mounting the Peltier plate behind the neck. Turns out the best place is on the wrist.

They are calling the commercial version Wristify but it is impossible to patent the basic idea, which it turns out is to mount the device at the base of the wrist. That's public domain.

Biometrics have come a long way since I did my first crude experiments with Bluetooth in 2009 to transmit vital signs. There are now cheap all-in-one boards for temperature, heart beat and blood pressure sold widely instead of as individual components. My plan was to use Vault-OS to report on the location of anybody in the Vault at any time and transmit their vital signs. I would add a distress button so somebody could call for help and a distress beacon so they could be found. If the suit was impregnated with silver it would kill odors and if it was made from a rip-stop hemp fiber composite it would last a long time without tearing. For a couple months there I was drawing diagrams constantly to figure out how it would work.


Ron said...

this suit is so cool.

Aeoli Pera said...

Thanks for the answer! Agree with Ron, the suit is rad XD.

The Slow Blade said...

but will it work with my Apple watch?