Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dalton Minimum - or Grand Minimum?

Another Little Ice Age ... or Snowball Earth? Either way, 90% of mankind will not be continuing on from this point.

If it feels like a Grand Minimum, looks like a Grand Minimum and has a Grand Minimum solar cycle, will it really matter if it starts to abate in fifty years? By that time, the planet will be razed.


Aeoli Pera said...

Are you planning to seal the hatch or do you have plans to make little sorties in response to unexpected needs? Being a poor person, I have yet to imagine some low-tech solution for leaving a well-insulated cave in very cold weather.

Dan Crab said...

A thick anorak filled with aerogel fiber would keep anyone alive in weather -80 degrees. Even a simple fur coat will keep oneself alive -30 degrees. I am not sure about anything lower than that.

lysander said...

The folks in the Northern climes will be developing a taste for long pig, I suppose.

Or it could work out just fine, like the man and his son in the movie "The Road". Now, THAT was a fun filled, Disney styled, optimistic family movie, which illustrated the future best case scenario.

Texas Arcane said...

@Aeoli Pera

I have huge plans and dozens of diagrams drawn up for low cost poor man's reusable decon suits, featuring very low power heating devices very efficiently deployed inside the suit.

Will be getting on to this in the coming year after I get something else out of the way.