Friday, May 22, 2015

Channeling The Sun Underground

This is an oldie but goodie.

If you've ever spent more than a minute thinking about it, you have probably thought that a large array of solar panels advertises your location not only from the ground but also the air.

I tried experimenting with camouflage nets over my panels in Brisbane. It instantly cuts the power to half on any panel beneath one.

With the new optical fibers described in the article above (now available commercially and soon ubiquitous) you could have barely discernible conduits aboveground directing sunlight to your power room deep underneath with the fiber right above the panel. From the air, invisible to even the lowest flyovers.

This is also great for protecting your panels from exposure to the elements, close-by nuclear blast waves, earthquakes and hailstorms, scavengers vandalising them and who knows what else. The maintenance of your power system is all in the same room, you could service the solar panels without leaving the shelter, keep them clean and productive for many years past their expiration dates aboveground.


retarded negroid said...

I love your blog. It is rare and very pleasant to read.

Mark Mitchell said...

You'd need a little dustblower though. Our rig mounted 50cm above ground loses about 5%/month (its grid tie so we see the numbers) from dust landing on it. The loss from dust on fiberoptic would be proportional, and you'd have a problem of vegetation unless the optics were set in convex domes that could exude a biocide.
Additionally, unless your panels are faraday'd they'll fuse in any EMP-generating blast, AFAIK.
Dig deep for core temperature gainz and get hardcopies.