Saturday, April 25, 2015

Signed GSK Document Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism

Well circulated behind closed doors, forbidden for the public to even hear about.

You might reconsider if you had access to the facts. Therefore, the facts will not be made available to you.


Lugh said...

Gone. Got another link?

Texas Arcane said...


Sorry. Link vanished, relinked.

Awdi Kei said...

As I predicted, when faced with scientific evidence contrary to your beliefs, you automatically dismiss it is Melonhead deception(or whatever).
I'm not sure about this vaccine mumbo jumbo, but know this:
Autism in general(and all mental illness) is a 'black disease'.
Neanderthals were genetically incapable of having any mental illness.
As neanderthal DNA increases, the rate of mental illness decreases dramatically, hence the low rate of autism in asians and native americans and the higher rate among blacks and europeans.
I'm sure you'll dismiss this or find some hole to poke in it, but at least I tried.

Edward said...

Neanderthals seem to be protected from more severe problems like classic autism and schizophrenia, but Neanderthals can and do have 'aspergers' and probably other things like Tourette's, which isn't really autism at all but something else as yet poorly understood.

Personally I think the cause of the rise of autism is the contraceptive pill, plus the societal changes that has brought about in terms of mating choices and the age of the parents at pregnancy.

It seems to also be concentrating Neanderthal DNA in greater proportions in each successive generation, which is going to get quite 'interesting'.