Tuesday, March 31, 2015

World War III Plus Perks

Needs More ITZ
Russians advocate using natural ITZ during ITZ to maximise ITZness

ITZ would not just be ordinary ITZ but quadruple bypass ITZ of ITZ with added ITZ as if ITZ needed any more ITZ to make it ITZ.

Vault-Co calls this a slow Tuesday.

(Link courtesy Vault-Co Reader)


aeolipera said...

Why bother with nukes when America is on the verge of civil war and desperately trying to infect itself with Ebola? I mean, just put one little bug in the water and presto, whodunnit.

Ave said...

First Strike (Part 1)

Fits neatly with the article.

Addendum : observe how very classic filming creates genuine tension, with no shaky camera or any of the tricks we get deluged with on TV.