Thursday, March 12, 2015

SuperPimp Kiddy Procurer For Them Who Wish Not To Be Named

Epstein is the man with the plan. I bet he didn't use any of that secret spy footage to control policy on Israel and surrounding nations. Not at all. That would be just wrong.

Scared to report this for fear it will trigger off another fake terrorist attack to try to drown the story on the back page.

What a sorry, weak lot of rascals the Sapiens has for his leaders. I guess he cannot elect a man better than he is and that means he has to settle for unstable, stupid and dishonest weaklings.

Any man who was even 1% of what they pretended to be in public would never have taken the bait off Epstein. It is not Epstein who is the real problem. The real problem is these pathetic jackasses that style themselves the elites who know best for the rest of mankind.

It has been said the sociopath can't fix the fact that deep down he fears being exposed as inferior and the psychotic can't stop fearing everything because he cannot solve his problems without resorting to violence. Both of them live in inconsolable fear at some level all their wretched lives. They start by torturing animals because it is their first experience with something they can believe is controllable to them.

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Fubar said...

I wouldn't mind spending a few days alone with this guy and my Dremel tool.