Sunday, March 1, 2015

Neocons Pushing World War Three

Paul Craig Roberts explains why the neocons are shoving the U.S. towards World War to conceal the evidence of their misdeeds. Con men set fire to the office to burn the records that show they were embezzlers.

A former CIA asset in the mainstream media clears his conscience and agrees with Roberts that it is all in the interests of promoting a third World War.

A reader provided a link to the new Autocrat being deployed in Russia. Alongside the new tech that dropped an AEGIS destroyer dead in the water, the odds are in favor of Russia in any conflict that Amerikwa is dumb enough to start. As predicted here on Vault-Co 15 years ago, they will get their asses waxed.


styrac1 said...

They will have to do it before this thing becomes operational and deployed in sufficient numbers

styrac1 said...

They couldn't care less about concealing their misdeeds as they have already established a police state, overthrown the rule of law in the US and they are not accountable to anyone.

Their motivation for starting thermonuclear war is that they will either impose their satanic NWO (ie all nations living under "democracy", "freedom" and "human rights") by using the US military, economic, and political power at their disposal, or it's bust, for everyone.

What use wielding such power would have with the Constitution in place limiting their ability to use it? That's why they had to stage a false flag and subsequently launch the "war of terror" that removed all the limitations imposed by the Constitution and the rule of law.

Retrenched said...

The scary thing about it is it seems that the Democrats are throwing the next election on purpose... practically begging the GOP to kick their asses like Reagan did.

Luke said...

Dogs of War

Sitara said...

In case anyone feels like throwing up, Netanyahu's speech to US congress yesterday:

Note how he is introduced as 'his excellency'.

(I don't really watch US Congress speeches so this might as well be normally how they introduce everyone)