Friday, March 13, 2015

NASA Reads Vault-Co

Totally out in left field? Or a home run before most people realize the game has started?

Vault-Co was here 12 years ago.

NASA apparently considers this issue so important as to devote the majority of its efforts to uncovering the strange phenomena seen now in the Earth's magnetic field.

Before we were right, Robert Felix was right. We just had the good sense to recognise superb real science when we saw it.


Luke said...

Hopefully this gets us some good data.

Majority of its efforts? How so? NASA budget is ~$18bil, this project is ~$1bil. Man hours?

Texas Arcane said...

@Luke I think a great deal of the Mars Rover project was wasted because monitor staff were masturbating at their desks in the command center during the day when the Rover got caught and ripped off its wheel liner, limiting its mobility after that. They were actually caught masturbating by surveillance cameras having surfed to porn sites instead of watching the rover. Affirmative action hires.