Friday, March 13, 2015

Let's Investigate Harmless Dead People

If the same people are not still in power, how come the police are only allowed to "investigate" people after they have died?

As I have said before, until I see the paramilitary force breaking down the gate of Buckingham Palace with a battering ram I will never believe that any of this is anything but grandiose theatre.

Prince Charles had no interest whatsoever sexually in Princess Diana, his beautiful blushing bride at the height of her fertility. Everyone knows who fathered her son and it wasn't Charles.

Prince Charles had his good, close personal friend Jimmy Savile knighted after rumours circulated widely about him being a notorious pedophile. Prince Charles often received Savile in private at the palace and spent long hours discussing their next caper, enjoying the closest intimate friendship with him for many, many years.

Never forget this smug, self-righteous professionally unemployed man has been one of the leading lights of the totalitarian environmentalism movement worldwide and a proponent of carbon trading schemes to curb "emissions" for decades. He has thrown his weight behind it to get legislation drafted supporting a central international control of resources pursuant to world government for most of his life. How much do you want to bet the Rothschild family pulls this guy's strings like a human puppet with what they've got on him?

Savile bragged on camera shortly before he died to Louis Theroux that he was "untouchable" because of his connections to the very highest levels of the British government and Buckingham palace.

If you wonder why we devote so much blog to this topic, it is because we believe it highlights the colossal canyon between the world people think they live in and the world they really live in. These people are the same people selling you the lies that they want you to believe because it renders you harmless to them and powerless to protect yourself. Civil Defense today consists of ignoring these idiots and realising you can't trust a single word you hear from people like this. Not a word. Nobody is coming to protect Western Civilization and nobody is coming to protect you. It is left to you to see to these things because these guys are driving the demolition truck. They are not the good guys. They are the bad guys and they are in charge. Think about it.

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aeolipera said...

Keep preaching. We've all got expiration dates, might as well preach in the meantime.

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