Friday, March 27, 2015

HTTP Server for x86 Compiles to Real Mode

Gone mad the past 72 hours after discovering this.

Was working with CivetWeb for my server, slowly adapting the code to my needs.

Chucking it. Gonna make this the cornerstone of Vault-OS web server. I have tons of cross-platform code to beef it up with additional services.

Have not tried it compiling to 32 bit protected mode yet. I tried serving up some of my VOS pages from real mode and it flies. Really smooth.

If I can get this running with Causeway stub it is going to be amazing.

If I am clever, I can make this compile from very small kernel up to extended with all the perks. Wanted to run VOS on my little 386 boards as well as my bigger and more modern hardware. Keep getting the price down for entry so the equipment rarely sets anybody back for more than a few dollars.

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