Monday, March 30, 2015

A Constitutional Amendment That Made Sense In 1916

Vote for war, you go to fight it. None of this rearguard general crap any more.

It would have ushered in a new era of sustained peace because the cowards who promote wars don't have the guts to fight any of them.

My ancestors fought in every single American war from the Indian Wars through the Civil War all the way through to the Gulf War. I guarantee you that not a single one of them wanted to fight anybody, they just wanted to prove they were men of honor, duty, courage and patriots. Others start 'em, we fight 'em.


Ryan David G said...

At a national level it's best to put available skills to their best use. So in every military operation you need strategic masterminds as well as Private Blakemores as cannon-fodder.

It would have been a waste to stick the likes of Rommel in the first line of an advance.

Texas Arcane said...


Except lack of executive function doesn't qualify you as a strategic mastermind.