Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why DR-DOS-32 Is A Great Idea

Imagine being ten years into the apocalypse and discovering your computers are infected by the NSA

Don't kid yourself. Their stuff runs on every machine out there according to Edward Snowden and both Apple and Microsoft have fully cooperated in seeing to their unrestrained access.

Will never happen with a version of DOS running your server and your clients running simple browsers. Don't hook up to the internet and your intranet will stay absolutely pure forever.

My book on Vault-OS will tell you a dozen tricks you can use to make your simple DOS network run ten times faster than anything you have ever seen. Once you get rid of all that spook overhead you would be amazed at just how fast TCP-IP is.


Russell said...

The more NSA does this, the less people will want to buy any tech from America.

It's stupid, short sighted and is going to bite the US in the butt in a major way.

Of course, people like me in the middling class will pay the cost as the economy shrinks, the higher ups will be protected and the government agents will get off without so much as slap on the wrist.

Until the merry-go-round stops, then all bets are off.

Grognard said...

I thought stuxnet was israeli? Not terribly surprised any more but if this were still america there would be a lot of treason trials going on about now.

Luke said...

The exploit was in the disk drive firmware. How would DrDos avoid it?

How compromised is Linux compared to Mac and Windows? Would you say DrDos is more secure than a lightweight Linux distro?