Thursday, February 12, 2015

Welcome To The Real World

Vault-Co began to say this in 2004. Robert Felix has been preaching it since the late 90's.

So ordinary people have a learning curve measured in decades. It takes them ten years to consider one idea from Felix's eschatology and decide it is permissible to contemplate.

Still missing : the other 98% of important inferences in Robert Felix's books.


ucabulator said...

Offtopic: VaultOS

Some idea you may find interesting, of particular note the Arduino aspect.

Hack A Day is a vast repository of microprocessor resources. Poke around there as time allows.

scipio afircanus said...

"Both studies suggest that there could be a complex feedback loop among ice ages, sea level changes and these bursts of volcanic activity."

and if I "grok" Tex' theories, throw in additional interactions between sun cycles and associated coronal mass ejections with the earth's magnetoshpere and molten core!

Amy said...

sorry, Tex, don't know how else to send this to you, but have you read this piece about Thal music? Haunting stuff.

Flute found in Slovenia, made of cave bear femur. Yeah, Thals were total dum-dums!

KW Jackson said...

Add cosmic body electric (plasma) discharges to the mix, qv. Electric Universe.

Texas Arcane said...


I know it sounds like a broken record but who would be more likely to develop music first? A race of herders or a race of raiders? Starting from whistles to call your flock you would soon discover the properties of bones with hollows and slits just by blowing on them idle when sitting there watching your animals.

Who would likely develop an artistic, creative, dreaming soul? A creature who goes to sleep at sundown or one who keeps a watch late at night into the late hours beside a cave entrance?

Everything points to the 'Thal being the one with the soul. The Saps would not have opportunity or motive to need such a thing.