Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Watch For A Fake Outrage Soon

Why? To conceal this real one.

Classic magic. Watch this hand while this one pockets the ball. They blew up Ferguson so people would barely hear about the unarmed man in New York the police choked to death.

So there will be a new shooting covered heavily soon on Foxed to keep people's attention away from this one.

Call 911 and it doesn't matter if you are only doing your job as a citizen and reporting a crime. The cops will show up and shoot you without even announcing themselves. They'll shoot your three legged dog first so there won't be any witnesses left.

I've heard about countries in South America where people who have witnessed a crime contact their local mobster first to complain. They are too scared of the police, widely known to be ruthless inhuman cutthroats who do not distinguish between the guilty and the innocent when they pull out their guns. Also people are afraid the police may see a woman in their house they take a fancy to. The next time they see her she will be exhumed from a mass grave in the desert the police dump their rape victims in when they are done with them. These countries are all big on gun control and it is easy to see why. The criminals draft all the legislation. Many of these countries began with registration and incrementally altered the laws until they could collect them all.


twoandtwoisfive said...

Hey Tex, have you heard about this?

The man that the film American Sniper was based off has been shot and killed.

It's been all over the news.

Jake said...

My now-fluoride free brain decided this week to accelerate our plans for emigration.

Tex, do you agree with me here: a man and his family would actually be better off in a third-world dictatorship, the much-maligned Russia, or almost anywhere else than the USA, which is turning into something worse than a fascist dictatorship: a violent anarchy ruled by evil, sadistic scum.

I leave only miles from the guy who was producing a film about the coming police state, called "Gray State." He was recently found dead, along with his wife and daughter. The claim was suicide. Yet he was a happy family man, religious, and full of motivation to make his film.
What do you think really happened to him?
I have got to get the hell (literally turning into hell) ouuta here!

Jake said...

You may or may not have time to analyze the death of the Gray State producer.

Regardless, the weirdness is getting too close to home.
Think about it: people with alternative views like us can be "offed" at any time. Then the media can just point to our weird theories, our interest in conspiracy theories, and being preppers, and say: "Yep. Another one went off the deep end."
Time to go to more rural, traditional areas away from the center of the beast's empire.

Texas Arcane said...


I have been reading about "Gray State." I would be scared as well. They have the power now to bump off even the smallest fry any time they want and never answer for the crime.

Anybody who believes that man committed suicide deserves the government they get.

Texas Arcane said...


If you are trying to make a fake war hero out of a man who shot mostly women and children, it helps if he is dead to preserve the lies.

Grognard said...

Someone shoots my dog, they are dead. No excuses.