Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vaccinated Individuals Turn Into Disease-Carrying Typhoid Marys

The evidence for it is overwhelming. I read something to that effect from a soldier in the trenches in World War One, that troops dumb enough to let the medics at them with their inoculations were instantly quarantined by the other soldiers and often died not soon afterwards.

Doctors from just a couple decades back would consider "modern" vaccine theory to border on Dark Age pagan witchcraft. If doctors discovered that their vaccines carried live cultures, they could explain to you in one second why you were sentencing your patients to death by injecting them. You would be bypassing their natural immune system to go right to their bloodstream. It is utterly insane and vaccination is actually becoming a kind of white man's voodoo it is so irrational. They don't even try to make sense of what they are doing anymore, they just plunge that thing into your veins if you don't stop them. Even they can no longer explain the theory of what they think is happening. They don't think that deeply on any subject. They just push the plunger if you don't stop them.

A while back one of them was swabbing my arm with alcohol during a routine checkup. He was tapping the syringe before he decided to tell me what was in it. I asked him, did he know I was strong enough to force that syringe in one ear and out the other side of his head without breaking it? He deferred my treatment. Otherwise God only knows what he was about to stick me with. I think he was mumbling about tetanus. I told him I would take my chances but he better put the syringe away. Turns out that tetanus is afraid of Neanderthals, not the other way around. The tetanus germs, if they were there, appear to have died before I did. They fell on their own swords when they realised they were in the courtyard of a Neanderthal immune system. I left their bodies piled beside a million other victims that day, none of them stopped by a vaccination. Turns out the body left to it's own devices if healthy wipes out billions of these critters each day without blinking an eye. It is just that easy.

I just don't know how people survived before doctors. They probably had to endure the slings and arrows of life to a much older age, wistfully looking forward to a day when advanced scienmajists would jab them and their kids with mercury, formaldehyde and aluminium.


Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...

Or maybe they were routinely dying of smallpox, bubonic plague, measles, cholera, polio, malaria, and other diseases which vaccines eradicated partly or completely in some cases?

theepilgrim said...

OT: Globalwarmist Cult Leader confirms what we already knew: AGW is nothing but another Marxist scam aimed at destroying individual freedom.

'We can't save the environment unless we destroy capitalism.' Gee, didn't see that one coming.

Texas Arcane said...


Except almost all of thoses diseases had vanished with improvements in diet. Long before doctors began trying to drum up new business with vaccines.

I can't believe the Amish are all still alive.

Luke said...


I have read that the earliest homo sapiens fossils date back to 80-200 kya.

I know you think that sapiens did not show up until 40-50 kya. Why do you not include the above fossils with homo sapiens? What group(s) do you attribute them to?

bicebicebice said...

Lugh said...

Yes, all those stories about Black Snow during Industrial Revolution in England are just lies. Capitalism has always taken care of the Environment.

Some moths changed their color to Black in adaptation to the new environment.

And Capitalists never had little children working 16 hours a day either. That Capitalist Sage, John Locke agonized over the issue but he didn't want to deny six year olds their right to work. What a man.

bicebicebice said...

Chris from Sydney said...

Back in the 80's the common response to a kid getting the measles was all the mothers organizing a playdate so all the kids in the neighborhood would catch it and get it over and done with.
Measles was called a childhood disease, the only danger was not developing an immunity while young.

JeffreyJerpp said...

An aspect of sapiens brains that deserves more consideration is their tendency to remember things emotionally rather than in their actuality. This explains quite a bit about their perpetual disconnect from reality:

"When the psychologists rated the accuracy of the students’ recollections for things like where they were and what they were doing, the average student scored less than three on a scale of seven. A quarter scored zero. But when the students were asked about their confidence levels, with five being the highest, they averaged 4.17. Their memories were vivid, clear—and wrong. There was no relationship at all between confidence and accuracy."

People are always shocked at how seemingly precise and objective my memory is, but I think it's just that the neurotypical brain is almost incapable of correctly remembering anything at all without attaching vivid, emotional fabrications.

Texas Arcane said...


If you read those accounts, they are always announcing one of the haplogroups has been found earlier but never combined with the set that Cro-Magnon shows at 40,000 years. So they know more and more where the ingredients came from but the final product of the blender only appears at 40,000 years approx.

Texas Arcane said...


Tantamount to saying that neurotypical brains simply don't appear to function correctly.

How could somebody survive Snowball Earth and a million years of cold with a malfunctioning brain? The answer is - they couldn't.

Texas Arcane said...


Hans Asperger would go bug-eyed when he heard modern people describe Asperger's syndrome as an autistic disorder. That is the exact opposite conclusion he reached as a respected authority on autism in children. His conclusion was - it wasn't autism at all. Wouldn't hurt these guys to learn how to read.

Jake said...

It's funny - I recently refused a vaccination. The nurse seemed surprised, then she made in a note in my chart. I picked it up and read it:
"Refused flu shot."
The last flu shot I took made me feel like shit for weeks. I'm done with the fraudsters.