Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Vaccinators

Expose of the recent agitprop campaign by Jennifer Hibben White. All orchestrated by mass media and promoted with millions of dollars behind it. "A mother's concern."

Remember, the reason these people have so much money and it has corrupted them so utterly is the success of selling their death injections to begin with.

This planet won't be a sane place until we have a Nuremberg for vaccine manufacturers.


styrac1 said...

"While vaccinations might be a powerful new weapon in our arsenal, if we make them mandatory and universal then we’re depriving ourselves of the very diversity of responses which are a time-proven survival strategy for the human herd...there, in the insidious unknown unknowns, lies another reason for my strong stance against mandatory vaccination. Playing with the human immune system is playing with fire. And vaccinating the entire herd is clearly unwise."

dessieoctavia said...

Hey, have you seen this?

Chunkations said...

measles isn't even deadly. I had it and my brother, it's just some uncomfortable itching for a few days.

Ja D said...

More likely the vaccine makers will pay/pressure politicians to hold nurembergs for those that don't vaccinate.