Monday, February 23, 2015

Shortly Before the Grand Minimum

Somebody preserve these images for posterity.

UPDATE : Ice Age Now!!!

It is all fun and games until the real snow starts to fall. You don't open the door to see it blocked by snow at that point, the roof collapses while you are sleeping.

There are numerous transitional points in climate history preserved in ice cores where up to seventy stories (!) of snow fell in a single night on certain points in the Northern hemisphere.

It happens radically in colossal bursts at the end of the Holocenes. Years before it occurs there would be strange omens like this "spring" in Kwanstainia.

Snow tunnels should be a viable strategy ... until next year when they'll be digging tunnels for oxygen, not bike path access.


Chunkations said...

Only a meteor strike could produce 70 storeys of snow in one night.

A meteor has enough energy to vaporize millions of gallons of ocean water in one day to enable all that snow to fall in one night.

Ryan David G said...

I think Tex was exaggerating for effect there. Neanderthals like to talk tough about Ice Ages but when the snow hits the fan they retreat to their nice warm caves on the Iberian peninsula. It's left to us Melonheads to look after the rest of the planet.

Texas Arcane said...

@Ryan David G

Gonna need followers to help you with that. Not prepping your slaves for a cold snap = bad plan.

Hoisted by your own petard again.